Basic Invite! They are amazing!

Guys so we are teaming up with some awesome friends over at Basic Invite today because we all know its engagement season and from experience I can tell you, a bride needs as much wedding planning help as you can get! 

My hubby proposed to me on December 23rd, so we definitely fell in the range of one of the couples that was excited to share our big news to all of our family come christmas day. I was literally shaking as we drove to my grandma's house as I stared at my ring. I couldn't believe he had proposed!

I was one of those brides that could not WAIT to get the planning part going. We picked a date quickly and guys I wish so badly that I had all the options that Basic Invite offers to help get the first impression of your big day out to your guests!

It took me like .4 seconds to figure out this super friendly website and I quickly was able to design different samples of save the date cards that I absolutely loved! They have instant previews and allow you to change the colors of all the writing! The colors were endless! 

I made these two save the dates with just a few clicks with our own Jenn Wagner Studio couple and I already think it looks awesome, and it had so many custom options as well as a huge color palette to choose from! Plus how cute are Derek and Jenna from their recent engagement session with us? I know they look like models for Basic Invites, but they are one of our own cute Bride and Groom getting married in the spring! 

Plus who doesn't love a little gold foil??

I am absolutely in love with their wedding invitation suites they have! 
This is like a photographers dream when we show up and their are multiple pieces that actually FLOW together! It brings the whole day together when your invitation matches the colors and theme of the day! Guys order the whole suite, its worth it and is a huge wow factor to your guests when they receive their personalized invitation
The Coolest Part! 
They will print out your design and send you a sample of it in the mail! Talk about really getting to visualize! You also get to feel the quality of the paper and see how the color turns out before you order a 500 of them. How sweet is that?!

One last example that I made with one of our own couples, Dan and Lissa! Uhhhh the options are endless! Like, in a good way! Custom to the max! 

 If you are sporting a new shiny ring and looking to get some beautiful and highly personalized wedding invitations, you have to go check out Basic Invite! Their invitations and Save the dates are seriously amazing! 

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