Moon Valley Country Club, Phoenix AZ, Aaron and Savannah's Wedding Day!

I walked through the wedding venue a week before their big day and planned out where I would take all the family, bridal and of course bride and groom based on where the sun would be. Because in Arizona if its one thing you can pretty much count on, its sun. Even on Christmas, even when its cold. We get an average of 211 sunny days and an additional 85 that qualify as "partly sunny". Seriously thats a lot of sun! People flock to our great state for its Vitamin D and consistent rays. So I had mapped out in my head some great spots for Aaron and Savannah as we have to find shade so that our couples get beautiful photos-  but when the day came, we were given a glorious overcast sky! Glorious? What's so glorious about cloud cover?

It opens so many doors to really use any angle at any time of day as there is consistent light pretty much everywhere! There were some beautiful trees just beside the parking lot that I was dying to use for Savannah's getting ready, and because of the cover we were able to get some of my favorite (ever) getting ready shots! Thanks Savannah for hiking it outside for those! haha : ) The green and beautiful mountain backdrop was fair game throughout the day  especially during the ceremony when light would have usually been very harsh! It was a beautiful gorgeous day! And that's without saying anything about our awesome couple! 

You know as a photographer, I always feel like I get to know my couples best during the toasts. This is when their best friend, brother, sister, the person closest to them gets to really give us a behind the scenes view of the person. They are the ones that know the dirt and the glory of the person. They've been there as their history was being written and can attest to the true nature of the person.  

It was after the toasts by Aaron's brother and Savannah's best friend and new sister in law, and also Aaron's mom, which had me both laughing and crying. This when when I realized how great these two people are. They are truly kind souls with a love for each other that outweighed any other emotion in that room. They've been there for each other through thick and thin - and together have a beautiful history that will continue to only deepen and grow with time. It was beautiful to watch and made the entire wedding day even more special as these two amazing people became man and wife. 

Savannah and Aaron - it was truly an honor to watch you say your vows, dance your first dance, and laugh your way through the day. You guys really have a supportive group of people around you and I couldn't be happier for you as you begin your lives as Mr. and Mrs. Hugs and many blessings!
- Jenn Wagner and the Studio Girls! 

Such a great team of vendors came together to make this day such a beauty! Many thank to the following for your artistry and your vision! 
Grooms Outfitting: Mens' Warehouse
Video: Legacy
Shoes: Zac Posen
Paper Goods: Vista Prints
Photographers: Jenn Wagner Studio
I love how joyful Savannah was all day. Just stunning.
“The thing I loved most about my bride Savannah was that she had fun! I have heard of many stories of bridezilla and I could not imagine such a situation. Watching her smile, tear up, and even laugh during the many people teeing off behind us was the best sight of my night. Everything was perfect for me and I was so glad that everything was perfect for her as well!”- Aaron
"Blue has always been my favorite color and I've always wanted to have it incorporated in my wedding, which is how the blue came about (plus it was one of the only colors we could even agree on)! After more time passed the blue and gray that we chose just kind of fell together and we fell in love with the colors. We looked up multiple pictures online of the color schemes and it finally just stuck for us! I chose to go with pearls for myself and the girls because I felt like it gave a softer and simple look to the wedding, which is what I am all about. That's one thing that we never wanted, a crazy extravagant wedding."- Savannah
“The moment that stuck to me was how they played Savannah’s entrance song three times and she came out on the third; third time is the charm! It was also hilarious how our flower girl ran out on the third time and fled back into the reception area. It was as if she cracked under the heavy pressure of tossing those flowers! Along with the delayed entrance, listening to people play golf in the background was equally hilarious! The ceremony was so amazing and I loved everything about it!”- Aaron

“As I walked down the aisle all I could think about was seeing Aaron's face and what his reaction would be. I have always wondered if he'd cry, smile, cover his eyes or stare right into mine (the grooms reaction is always my favorite part of weddings)! And now, I got to see what my groom did, with a big heartfelt smile he looked me straight into my eyes as I walked down the isle (I get teary all over again just thinking about how special that moment was)! Right before the ceremony my lack of eating & nerves all kind of hit me as I was stuck in a small room while I waited and I started feeling really nauseous and as if I'd pass out (which I was terrified I'd do at the alter byway haha-reasoning for the orange juice behind our sand box). As soon as the doors opened for me to walk down, every single one of those feelings went away and a whole new emotion of feelings came about. I've never been so excited in my life, the happiest tears I've ever cried. I still can't believe it's all over because that day was the quickest day ever, but it's so much fun seeing pictures and videos to relive the day I've always dreamed of, especially since I've been dreaming this day with Aaron since I was 14 years old!”- Savannah
“It's funny because MVCC was the first place we looked at, and before even really seeing it I said it'd probably be a "no"; but little did I know apparently. We saw it, it all seemed accommodating of what Aaron & I had wanted for our wedding day and the scenery was beautiful! I always wanted something really green, & green is what we got! Plus the mountains in the back, added bonus for sure! After seeing other venues we kept comparing them to MVCC, by the end of the day we didn't even see the last venue we had booked & decided we were going to get married at the place we clearly couldn't get off our minds!”- Savannah
They had the cutest bridal party! They were so much fun all day!
“If I could relive one hour, it would be the pictures with Savannah that happened immediately after the ceremony. I loved these pictures because this was the first time I could reflect on my emotions that had built up to that point with Savannah. It was wonderful having the opportunity to finally be together and exchange many stories about our days.”- Aaron
Ignore my goofy face, but I LOVE being able to show my couples their photos as we go! It is one of my favorite parts as I preemptively see the vision for their day and this or that location - so to be able to share that vision in the moment with them and see their smiles is so priceless! 

“We just wanted an intimate day with the people we love most, to do what we have been dreaming, waiting and planning so long for--and that's exactly what it was! Flowers were something we didn't want to go crazy with, a simple baby's breath for the bridesmaids and a big, beautiful ivory bouquet for me. Our center pieces were one of my favorites, I felt as if they had a delicate touch to the wedding with the flower and candle combination, which I absolutely loved! Everything about our wedding was all I've dreamed of, so once I saw all of the details, flowers, colors & people together, it was complete!” - Savannah
Yes she is dancing to "I've Had the Time of My Life", and he hoisted her up at just the right moment. 
It was perfection!
We love you guys!

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