Phoenix Arizona Wedding, Deleviere and Jarell

There was so much love and joy on Del and Jarell's special day out at Superstition manor! Okay and can I just say i twas the BEST garter retrieval I have ever seen! Like I think there was a legit bodyslam in there at one point but I think only the people there will every know! Shannon and I were laughing so hard taking photos as the crowd went wild! Everyone in the reception room was cracking up as Jarell showed us a flavorful and fun side like they've never seen! Deleviere was cracking up the whole time as her new hubby showed off his moves and I know its a dance none of us will every forget! Oh my gosh! Hilarious!

But besides the crazy fun reception antics, Jarell and Deleviere had such a beautiful day surrounded by tons of people that love them so much! From the bridal suite full of all the girls getting ready, to an amazing church ceremony, and then a party with some of the best dancing I have ever witnessed at a reception! This day was incredible and such a joy to capture and witness! Oh my gosh it was perfect! Thank you guys so much for allowing us to be a part of one of the best days of your life!

“The colors I chose I always knew would be my wedding colors, and considering we had a spring wedding the lavender worked great! Not to mention, Purple and lavender compliment Jarell very well! We chose the glittery silver to add that splash of glam to the wedding! The cake was all for the groom, he is forever a batman fan!”- Deleviere

“I’m not sure I had a favorite time of day, I loved every bit of it, but the moment that truly meant the world to me was meeting my handsome at the other end of the isle, it was so intense! It felt so real, I was extremely nervous making my way to him but once I was by his side, none of that mattered, he's my safe haven.” - Deleviere
“Jarell in general makes me laugh! The responses he whispered in my ear, him trying to leave the alter without kissing the bride hahah! Or him answering "yes" twice before Father Paul could even finish his sentence when asking "Are you prepared to accept children lovingly from God and to bring them up according to the law of Christ and his Church?”- Deleviere
“ The moment that sticks out the most to me is being introduced as Mr. And Mrs.Turner because it felt like the official beginning of this new chapter in our life. It felt like the day was truly about us...nothing else... No one else mattered. It felt like everyone in the building was officially family and embraced it.” - Jarell
“ I loved everything about my bride! Everything! I just loved how much she glowed and till this day she hasn't stopped. She was everything I fell in love with and more. There was new side to Deleviere I had never seen before  I enjoyed every bit of it. It's felt like she completely opened up herself and just let go. She wasn't so shy or timid anymore. She was perfect and better than anything I could dream of.” - Jarell
 “Our bridal party was everything to us. We all for the most part went to the same highschool(s) All of us enjoy dance some of took dance seriously like my brother who used to break dance or just truly enjoy being on the dance floor. When we picked our bridal party we wanted people we knew would have fun and down for whatever craziness we were willing to take the wedding to like the garter trick we played on my brother in law. Everything came together perfectly.” - Jarell

"Hahaha he did great at the garter retrival! I picked the song and at first Jarell was against it, he said he would be embarrassed to dance like that in front of so many people, which was shocking coming from a dancer that danced in front of crowds all the time! BUT he did a great job! I was flattered! haha all I could think of was OH MY GOODNESS my mother and grandmother are sitting right there, I hope they are enjoying the show! Haha” - Deleviere

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