Scottsdale Arizona, Engagement Session, Bob and Dana

Sometimes I wish we had live footage with a camera man following us around on our engagement sessions, it is seriously so much fun and some of the behind the scenes stuff and candid moments are the best! 
I love getting to know my couples.My time with Dana and Bob was no different and I love how much they trusted me from the get go. They said they wanted some mountains and desert and they were totally up for a little jaunt up to this point that overlooks most of Tempe. Not only were they up for it, they both still looked amazing when we got to the top! Our time together only makes me even more excited for their wedding day this coming year, these two click in such a unique way, are kind and sincere with each other and have found someone that truly makes them happy. So thrilled to be their photographer! 

Much love!
Jenn Wagner 
"My favorite thing about Dana is that she can always make me laugh. Even during the middle of a fight, she can still crack me up. When she laughs, her smile lights up a room, so we spend a lot of time trying to get the other to break first and laugh. And despite her protestations to the contrary, I'm definitely the funny one."- Bob
"I think there would be some debate about who initiated the first kiss, but I maintain that it was Bob who made the first move! It was on my birthday, January 14, 2011, when we were on a ski trip with our law school friends. We were in the hot tub and basically all of our friends saw the kiss so definitely memorable haha."- Dana
"I first told Dana I loved her on a ski trip in early 2012. We had our first kiss on the same ski trip a year earlier in the same house, so that trip and that place hold a lot of special memories for us. I believe she said it first, but she always has to nudge me a little bit." - Bob

"I don't know when I knew for sure that I loved him, but it was definitely during our first year of law school. He always made me laugh, and that's what my mom always said made her fall for my dad, so I knew he was a keeper!"- Dana
"I am most looking forward to seeing Dana in her wedding dress for the first time. We have both been trying very hard to keep all details of her dress a secret from me, so I am completely in the dark. I am anxious to finally see her in it to see what all the mystery has been leading up to." - Bob
Oh my gosh how cute are they!!
"As for the wedding, we want the style to be classic and are using mostly neutrals and dusty blue as the accent color.  The main thing we want is for it to be fun, so we have a live band (and an open bar also helps with the fun factor!).  We are just really excited about everything and having all our friends and family there in Arizona!" - Dana 
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