Goodyear Arizona Wedding | Jennifer and Alex Wedding

We could not have been more thrilled to capture these two on their wedding day! After a torrential downpour at their Northern Arizona Engagement Session in Heber  and seeing nothing but smiles from these two, I was looking so forward to watching these two say their I do's. 

Their romantic wedding day did not disappoint. Jenni and Alex, man you two are just incredible! Thank you so much for letting us be there to capture your one perfect day! We hope you enjoy these moments as much as we enjoyed watching them unfold. 

All our best, 
Jenn and the Studio girls 

"Getting to be married to Alex is the greatest gift.  Alex and I waited until we were married to move in together, and I believe that getting to enjoy falling asleep with him every night, and waking up in the morning next to him is the best part of marriage so far!"- Jenni

Our amazing team of vendors that created an amazing day: 
Reception Venue: Pebble Creek Country Club
Menswear: Sukies Bridal
Videographer: West End Studio
Linens: Tree Linens
Paper Goods: Mixbook
Hair: Samantha Jauregui
Makeup: Victoria Jauregui

 "My favorite part of our wedding day had to be when I finally got to see Alex for the first time during our first look!  The whole day was wonderful, but I have to say that I started getting nervous and emotional as the morning started passing by. Every bride gets nervous, especially about being the center of attention for the entire day, but it all started to hit me all at once!  Even before seeing Alex, as I waited for the church doors to open to start walking towards him outside, I started to cry! I was so happy and our big day was finally happening!  Alex has always been the one person to comfort me and he’s always so laid back, he always knows what to say to put me back at ease.  The moment he turned around to see me for the first time, I immediately saw his smile, and everything was perfect, all the emotions and nervous jitters immediately faded away.  It was just him and I, and I knew in that moment, everything was perfect."- Jenni
"The thing I remember most is how beautiful Jennifer looked in her dress when we did the first look before the wedding ceremony. When talking to past bride and grooms, everyone talks about how nervous they got before the wedding. I was more relaxed, but anxious, before the wedding. When I first saw her, standing there and smiling in her dress, everything was perfect." - Alex

"While looking back on our wedding day, the most vibrant memory I have of Alex has to be the moment we started reciting our vows to each other.  It was the moment we both had been waiting so long for, and it was finally happening!  It was the way he looked into my eyes and smiled at me while we held hands and became man and wife… it was just unexplainably beautiful, powerful and wonderful!  A moment I will remember for the rest of my life!" -Jenni

"The toasts at the reception were epic. When you get the tables yelling and joking during the speeches, you know they were good. Especially when you see the dad's cry for the first time."- Alex
"The one funny story that always gets brought up since the wedding, at family get together's, is the cutting of the cake and Alex smashing the cake all over Jenny's face. Alex's sisters did Jenny's makeup and hair on the wedding day, and seeing/hearing their reactions when cake was being cleaned up from Jenny's face is priceless. I remember Jenny's God Father's Daughter smiling and encouraging to smear cake all over Jenny." - Alex

"All of the memories dancing with friends and family are always relived. Especially dance moves from the parents.. Nonstop laughing and we always find ourselves talking about how fun the reception was." Alex

Such a beautiful day!

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