Stonebridge Manor Wedding | Mesa, Arizona | Garrett and Catherine

If you saw their engagement photos taken back in December, you can imagine how excited we were for Garrett and Catherine's wedding day! The amount of happiness these two exude is contagious and we knew their celebration at Stonebridge Manor in Mesa would be nothing short of pure joy! Garrett and Catherine, your smiles say it all! You chose the exact person you were meant to be with and we wish you both the most amazing life together! Thank you so much for letting us be the ones to capture your wedding! 
Much love, Jenn and the Studio gals

Such a great group of vendors to make this day so unique!
Ring: Jared
Photographer: Jenn Wagner Studio
Groom Attire: Stacy's Menswear

"My favorite part of the day was definitely walking down the isle and finally getting to see my love! Just looking into his big green eyes and sharing our vows, it was a perfect moment." - Catherine

"My Favorite moment of our wedding day was definitely when I first saw her walking down the aisle. I could not stop thinking how beautiful she was the entire night. I felt so truly blessed that I was able to marry the woman of my dreams." Garrett 

"Before giving me away my Dad shared a short but sweet blessing on me and Garrett and gave him a pin that symbolized Garretts role as a husband which is to serve and protect. It was a so sweet and perfect. We had no idea he was going to do that. " Catherine

"When we were told to put the rings on each others fingers I gave her the wrong hand to put my ring on,  so she slid it on my right hand. It just so happens that my right ring finger is larger than my let, so it took quite a bit of struggle to switch it back (:"- Garrett

" I can't choose one favorite part of the day, ALL of it!  It was so surreal. I got to sit next to my new wife and enjoy all of our family and friends. It was perfect. If I had to choose a specific time though, i would have to say our first dance, it was perfect." - Garrett

"Our first dance was Thinking out loud by Ed Shearan. I just remember looking into my husbands eyes and being so incandescently happy. I was in la-la land, there was no one in the room but us! <3" - Catherine

Garrett and Catherine thank you for letting us capture your dream of a wedding! We love you guys and wish you all the best! 

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