Deleware Hindu Temple Wedding | Sean and Aparajitha

What started out as a California beachside wedding, turned into a traditional Hindu wedding in Deleware and I could not  be more thrilled! I had never had the honor of photographing an Indian wedding and this one was absolutely stunning and I found myself entranced with all of the rich colors, meaningful traditions and symbolic gestures that made this wedding so unique. 

Two weeks before the wedding, I talked with Aparajitha my bride for about two hours. I wanted the lowdown on what to expect, how the ceremony would go and what happened at the reception. Well for starters, there is no reception and the wedding ceremony itself is 5 hours itself with moments of deep significance sprinkled throughout. Sean and Ap, your wedding was unforgettable! Thank you for trusting me to capture your one beautiful day, even though it was my first Indian wedding! I am so grateful for this experience and was so glad I got to capture your beautiful day! Best to you both in life and marriage!
- Jenn 

"When my wife is happy, her smile illuminates the room and hearts around her. She is caring in these times and wears her heart on her sleeve. I couldn't ask for anything more than when my wife is happy. "- Sean
"If I could relive one part of the day it would be walking in with my family as the groom and the welcoming of APs family was soooo beautiful and comforting. Being able to walk in with my mom on my arm and rest of my family following was priceless. The welcome was warm, genuine and exciting. The symbolism of not only us but our families coming together was a great feeling." -Sean

Kai Yatra ( Groom's Pilgrimage) 

Ritual where Groom wishes to go on a pilgrimage and contemplates a life of bachelorhood over married life. He is then persuaded by the bride's father who offers his daughter, as a life long companion, to face all of life's challenges and advises him of the superiority of married life. The Groom the accepts the offer and accepts the marriage proposal! 
This was my favorite part! I loved how Sean "left" for his pilgrimage, and then once he accepts the marriage proposal from Aparajitha's dad, the bride then comes out to meet her groom for the first time that day! Seeing Sean's face was priceless!

 The Oonchal

"Being a part of an Indian Ceremony  felt like an honor to be a part of an age old tradition. It had been something I was looking forward to for some time given how important this was to Aparajitha and her family. Being that she is the only daughter it had an even richer feeling that we were able to share this momentous occasion in the presence of our families." Sean
"The most memorable part of the entire day was all the family who traveled out from various parts of the country to come be with us. Even more, they partook in the wedding and did things as they would have for their own children. The overwhelming amount of love was truly humbling." - Aparajitha

Maangalya Dharanam ( Tying the Knot!) 

 Timed to an exact auspicious hour, the groom ties a thread around the brides neck which is then followed by his sisters tying the second and third knot, symbolizing their affirmation to the new ties in the family!

 "I had so many favorite parts of the day, but the best part of the day was when Sean tied the knot. I also loved the Longwood gardens shoot as it gave us some down time after all the festivities." - Aparajitha

Saptha Padhi

" My favorite part of the day is hard to say, but I will go with when we were playing games. The games we played were a shortened version. Aparajitha started off very strong, competitive and looking to win. I was there laid back smiling, as I began to win again and again as her frustrations rose I let her have a win. 'They' say this symbolizes the characters of the relationships in this case Aparajitha will always be looking to drive forward and when she becomes frustrated with the hurdles of life I will be there kicking back lifting her to the win she deserves." - Sean
"I wish I could have made time stand still because the entire day went by way too fast in comparison to the months of planning!!" - Aparajitha

Thank you guys for letting us capture your one beautiful wedding and experience the amazingly rich culture of an Indian celebration! We could not be more thrilled for you two as you start a life together!

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