Garrett and Catherine | Scottsdale Engagement

These two are the sweetest and together they make the perfect pair! We are so excited to be a part of capturing their "I do's"!! Thank you Catherine and Garrett for being so sweet and letting us be there for the next step in your journey of Man and Wife! Your first kiss story is the so endearing! Thanks for sharing!


"Oh my goodness! Our first kiss!! Well let me tell you, he sure earned it! Garrett and I had been friends for several weeks. One day we had planned to hangout after work. I'm a hairstylist and he was just getting off a shift at Starbucks. At the time we were working in the same shopping center. Right when he got off work I called him. I had had a little mishap at work and sliced my finger open! I couldn't drive so he rushed over to get me. He took me to a hospital but the hospital told us to find an urgent care. We got a little lost but that's ok because the whole time he was just so sweet and caring! We finally found an urgent care and Garrett opened my door and walked me in. Of course the nurse assumed that we were already a young couple in love. I got all fixed up by the doctor and he held my hand through the pain. When I walked out the nurse told me that he had already paid for it! And then proceeded to let me know that "he was a keeper"! Haha my heart is pounding just thinking about it! He was so sweet! Fast forwarding into the night, Garrett drove me home (which was far from his place, almost an hour drive!) When we got home he politely asked, with his big puppy eyes if he could kiss me. And of course I said yes! That boy flew right out of the friend zone!!" -Catherine

"It's hard to pin point the exact moment that I realized I was in love with Garrett, but there was this one night that we hung out, got in the jacuzzi and then watched a movie. We had such an amazing night full of amazing conversations and snuggles that when I left his house I literally was screaming in my car " I love him I love him I love him I love him I love him!!!!!!" With a smile ear to ear! Haha we hadn't said I love you to each other yet, but I knew I was a goner!" - Catherine

"At the time, I was working at Starbucks and Catherine was working at a salon in the same shopping complex. Every morning she would come in to get coffee at around 830 and from the moment I saw her I thought she was the most beautiful girl ever seen! I would try to find any excuse to talk to her, but it was so hard because Starbucks is such a fast pace environment that I wasn't able to talk to her as much as I had liked to. One morning when she came in, I asked her to make sure to come the next day and see me the so that I knew she'd be there! When I opened the store the next morning I pre-wrote my number and a message on her cup and set it aside. When she came in, I made her drink and called her over to the bar. I told her that I wrote my number on her cup and that she should call me so that we could get dinner together sometime. 
She waited until 9 PM that night before she texted me back!!! Of course she just wanted to be friends, but at least I had my in!" Garrett

 "One of my favorite things about my fiancĂ© is her smile. The way she looks at me, no matter if it's the first time we have seen each other all day or after a long day well spent together, her smile is full of love. If ever I am feeling down, her smile is the best medicine. I will never grow tired of seeing the smile of the girl of my dreams and am so very blessed to be spending the rest of my life looking forward to that one moment where our eyes lock and I get to feel butterflies all over again." Garrett

"When we first said those three magical words It was like the scene out of a romance novel/movie. I had just gotten off of work from a long 15 hour day and was so tired. The only thing I had on my mind that whole day was seeing Catherine's beautiful face. We were still only a few weeks into knowing each other, so it still seemed so unreal to be able to call her my girlfriend. I mean she was/is just so perfect for me! It was at sunset and I was walking toward her and she was glowing. I ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug. When we pulled back to look at each other, I gave her a kiss and the feeling was indescribable. I pulled away and could not keep the words back! I was glad I didn't because, lord knows, I meant it. I told her I love her and I will tell her everyday until the day I die." Garrett

"So the night before Garrett asked me to marry him we were at one of my best friends weddings and I just so happen to catch the bouquet! The next day we went to church and he had a surprise for me. He drove me to a park that we had gone to on one of our first dates. There was a picnic he had packed at six o'clock that morning! He had gotten all of my favorite things to eat from whole foods and my favorite desserts! He brought sparkling cider and everything! Even though it was all very sweet and romantic I had no idea that he was going to propose. We had a really fun time just laying on a blanket enjoying each other and the park around us. At the end of our picnic he started to say how much she loved me and that he wanted to grow old with me. If you knew us as a couple you would know that we constantly say these things to each other! So while he was talking I still had no idea he was winding up for the big question! I just kept listening to him looking off into the distance, saying "Ya! Me too baby! Aww, I love you too!" Haha still having no idea what was going on. All of a sudden he reached behind his back, pulled out a ring and said, will you marry me??? I turned and looked at him and was like, WHAT!? Are you serious!?!? YES! I literally couldn't believe it! I was soo shocked! I just kept looking at my ring and looking back at him and of course I started balling! Afterwards we went to my parents house and celebrated! It was the perfect day." Catherine

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