Tempe Town Lakes | Engagement Session | Kacee and Nicole

It was super windy the day of their engagement shoot; which for Arizona is not typical at all! Yet somehow, the wind rippling through Nicole's hair as Kacee brought her in for a kiss only added to the romance and whimsy of the shoot! Thank you wind! And thank you Kacee and Nicole for being so comfortable and cute together! You guys made my job so easy and fun! I am so excited for your spring wedding and it will be here before we know it! Read along to hear about their first kiss and watch their love story unfold! 
"I'm not sure if there was a moment when I knew that I loved him. We were in high school when we met so puppy love came really fast! I have been trying to remember when we first said I love you, without joking about Taco Bell being our favorite restaurant haha. I think it was a bunch of little moments." - Nicole
   "Our first kiss was outside of Neo Tokio by AMC 24, we were hanging out with a group of my friends and I acted like I was cold, even though it was May! He wrapped his arms around me form behind and I looked up at him and we kissed! I think the first move was mutual because he was a lot taller than me so it would have taken me a lot to kiss him if he didn't want to kiss me haha." - Nicole

"There is not one thing but many things that I love about Nikki. But if I had to pick just one, it would probably be that she accepts me for the nerd that I am and sometimes even jumps in on it." Kacee

"The first time we said I love you, it was a joke about taco bell. We were texting and getting to know each other and she asked where my favorite place to eat was  and I said Taco Bell. Her response was, Oh my god I love you! that's my favorite too! and I said I love you too. So I guess she said it first. We cant remember if there was any time between the joke I love you and the real I love you but either way either way that is the story we remember most ." - Kacee

Thanks you guys! See you soon!! 
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