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Dominick and Lisa

Even though I have known Lisa since our middle school days, I cannot believe how much she has stayed the same smiling, creative and loving person. It is no wonder she found a man just as sweet and affable as she is! They truly care and appreciate each other like I have rarely seen before and it made their day, and everyone that celebrated with them such a special occasion. 

After spending time with Dom, Lisa and Maryanna during their family session in the fall, I fell in love with their family dynamic. They all truly love, support and care for each other and it is such a beautiful symbiotic relationship between the three of them. Lisa is gaining a truly amazing daughter and Maryanna will soon come to realize what a blessing she is to have Lisa as a parent. 

Getting to see Lisa as a bride totally took my breath away as it did for everyone who saw this girl looking flawless and Dom looked so stunning in. It was such a beautiful day and Shannon and I were so grateful to be there to capture their love unfold before us. Thank you guys for letting us be a part of telling your love story; the best part- this is only the beginning! Wishing your family all the best!
- Jenn, Shann and the Studio girls! 

The Amazing Team of Vendors

Venue: Soho 63 in Chandler, AZ
Event Coordinator: Blake Mills of Soho 63
Event Coorinator: Meg Pratt from Kate and Co. 
Paper Goods: Wedding Paper Divas
Shoes: Michael Kors
Mens Clothing: Mens Warehouse
Makeup and Hair Stylist: Dual Vanity Hair and Makeup
Jewelry: Nordstrom
Rings: Shane Co. 
Catering: area
Photographer: Jenn Wagner Studio

"I actually had the most fun with my bridesmaids getting ready. We had food, drinks, great music! They also made me a beautiful scrapbook that I got to look at while I was getting ready. It felt like the old days when we would be getting ready for homecoming or prom. Where we would all get together and laugh and talk about what excitement was in store while doing our hair and putting on our makeup. I'm so lucky that I've known most of these ladies my whole life and it felt great to have a moment like that with them again."- Lisa
"My favorite getting ready moment was definitely putting on my dress and showing it to all of the girls. It felt so great to know that I was putting it on for Dom to see even though I had tried it on a million times before. This was the important time. It was also great to see the final product put together. Hair, makeup, veil, shoes, etc. It was also great to see Maryana in my dress before I put it on. Definitely very special." - Lisa

"Our first look will always be the way I picture Lisa. The excitement waiting to see her in the dress was killing me!! When I turned around and saw her, time really stood still. She looked more than perfect!" -Dom
"The most emotional moments of the day for me was definitely our first look. Seeing Dom for the first time was unlike anything I've ever experienced. To see how much he loved me in that moment and how amazed he was that I was his bride made me feel so special."- Lisa

  "Sharing our vows with Maryana was amazing. We all have such a strong bond and our family is so close but making it official was so important to all of us. To be able to stand up there and promise to be the best Mom that I can to her was amazing. She has always been my daughter but telling the world how we feel about each other was the best!"- Lisa

"I would definitely like to relive the first hour of our celebration!  Between sharing our vows with our friends, actually seeing Lisa walk down with her Dad or our photo time with our photographers, that time really stands out as one of the most intimate and fun parts of the wedding!" - Dom
My favorite part of the entire day was either taking photos with just Dom and I or dancing with our friends. I loved doing the photos with just the two of us because it felt like we were the only people in the world and I loved laughing with him while we did all of the silly pictures. It just felt like classic us. Funny, relaxed, and sweet. I also loved dancing with everyone because it was the huge relief at the end of the night that everything went so perfect and I loved being able to let loose with all of the people that I loved!" - Lisa

"Dancing with my Dad was so emotional because a few years back he had a massive heart attack. When he was recovering we would lay in his bed at listen to Coldplay which is why I chose them for our dance together. Because we almost lost him it meant so much to me to be able to dance with him on my wedding day."- Lisa 
"As special as my dance with my Mom was, seeing Lisa dance with Duncan was absolutely surreal. She obviously means the world to me but Duncan is also like a second Dad. Seeing both of them finally dancing together made the wedding complete to me." - Dom
Lisa and Dom, you are off to an amazing start in this journey as man and wife. We were so thankful to be a part of capturing so many amazing memories from you wedding and wish you family of three all the love our hearts can bear! Have an amazing marriage!

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  1. Their staff was amazing, lovely and truly professional. I could go on and on about these guys. All of the wait staff at this place were great at their jobs but very warm and nice people. There is no better location for vows in the city to get married and no better guide than their manager.