Nick and Lorena | Engaged!

One of those couples that just fit well together and were electric in front of the camera! Nick and Lorena just flowed into a natural rhythm together and made our time together so fun! I love their story and am so happy to share it here! 

-How did he propose, were you surprised? – He took me to Sedona, AZ one weekend in October and proposed in front of the fireplace in our suite. Surprised?…nah! I knew it was coming. According to him my response was “It’s about time!” but of course I don’t remember saying that :)

- Whats the one think you love about him the most? There are so many things that I love about my Nick, but one thing that stands out is that he’s very thoughtful and that he’ll do whatever is necessary to make me happy. He makes me priority #1…and since I’m an only child, I’m used to having that #1 spot :)


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