Nema, Alethea + baby girl!

For Nema and Alethea... life is about to change a whole bunch... 
But in the *best* way possible. 
They just celebrated their 8th wedding anniversary, and have been together for 15 years!! 
Being 'Nema and Alethea" for all those years has created some amazing memories, and now they pause to reflect on that time together and capture the last moments together when it is 'just them'. 
In just a few months, they are going to welcome little baby girl Elliana into their family. 
And they couldn't be more excited. 

"We heard the name Elliana before we were even pregnant and loved it. It has 2 beautiful meanings, one is daughter of the sun (which is super appropriate for AZ) and in Hebrew (we aren't Isreali or Jewish) it means "God has answered." - Alethea
"We can't wait to meet Elliana and see her sweet little face. I am most excited to see my husband and bestfriend become a dad and for our little twosome to become a family." - Alethea

She has consistently craved lemonade this whole pregnancy! : ) 

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  1. What a beautiful their story of their long courtship, celebrating their "8th" wedding anniversary, and soon to become parents of a little girl! I LOVE the name Elliana! I can tell that you are going to be fantastic parents! Yes, your life will change forever but it is definitely worth every minute. A child is the "greatest" gift from God & you both have been blessed. Hope all goes well with Elliana's birth, and appreciate the joy & happiness she will bring you.