Roy + Kelli | Engaged!

Sometimes you meet people and you just connect. Right off the bat thats is how it was with this laid back couple. Roy and Kelli are amazing, and so great together. Our engagement session felt more just like a walk in the park and everything went perfect! I am looking so forward to their big day next fall. Thank you guys so much for being chill and so fun to work with. You guys make me love my job! 


I first knew I wanted to marry Roy when I watched him go through security at the airport. An odd place to realize you love somebody. Roy was leaving to begin the opportunity of a lifetime while I would be staying at home in Tampa Fl. You see, Roy got a job with Border Patrol and was leaving to attend a three month long academy in New Mexico. Upon completion Roy would be moving to Arizona, while I was still in Florida. Watching him walk away was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. I felt like a part of me was leaving with him. In that moment I knew that the distance would not be able to break us and I was going to marry him one day
I don't think I had a "eureka" moment. To me it felt more like a build-up. Lame and un-romantic, I know. Sorry. But the truth is, we never pushed for things to happen. They just did. We took it day by day. The more time I spent with Kelli, the more I enjoyed being with her. So therefore when we had time apart (I was living in Orlando and her in Tampa, FL) I began to realize, "man, I want this girl around me all the time!". So I guess that's when I knew I loved Kelli. Probably safe to say, it was always in my heart and just had to reach my brain. 

Roy proposed to me in the gym. Most women would not find this romantic and is probably the last place that most women would want for their proposal to happen. But for me I wouldn’t have wanted him to propose anywhere else. Roy and I first met at LA Fitness in Florida. Ever since then, being in the gym has become “our” thing. I always knew that he would propose in the gym…it was just a matter of when.

I am looking most forward to finally calling her my wife. Not this in between girlfriend/fiancĂ© names. Just doesn't flow right. I look forward to watching us chase our dreams together as we grow old. Knowing that we will have each other along the way. Each and every step, fully committed and full steam ahead!

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