Andrew + Andrea | Eagle Mountain Golf Course Wedding

Andrew and Andrea

 Our wedding day was so special and intimate to me. The part that sticks out to me most is during our ceremony. I felt like Andrew and I were the only people in the room and we had so much love and appreciation for each other. It was a truly magical feeling! He held my hand the entire time, gave me sweet smiles. Although we had many guest in the church, I felt like it was just us two. Our 4 years of knowing one another and our future ahead of us all narrowed down to the moment we exchanged vows. I knew I had the best lifetime partner beside me! Our first as husband and wife was the most surreal feeling! At the reception, my favorite part was our entrance. There was an incredible feeling of love and support from our friends and family. Having our favorite people in one room and having a chance to thank them all at once for being in our lives was very special to me. It’s a rarity to have everyone you love be in one room. Our fall wedding could not be more perfect, love was very much in the air and the ambiance and d├ęcor was breathtaking. My biggest take away was Andrew, above all else. The day the perfect!

Andrew and Andrea! Thank you so much for letting me capture your amazing day! You guys are perfect for each other and I loved being able to see all of your friends and family come around you and support you on such an important occasion! Much love to you both as you begin this next phase together as newlyweds!! Enjoy reliving your one special day... 

Beautiful Reception Venue; Eagle Mountain Golf Course

I clearly remember when I saw her for the first time walking down the aisle.  She was trying to hide her tears with smiles, but I could see her make up running down her face.  I was so nervous before that point, but when I saw her crying,  I immediately forgot about my nerves and just wanted to hold her.  The dress was sooooo gorgeous.  I had never seen her so beautiful...

Obviously there are so many amazing parts to the day.  I feel like my favorite or most memorable part was when we all got to talk about our parents and also got to hear them.   Being able to tell my parents how much I loved them and how thankful I am for their support throughout my life.  Then hearing Andrea’s mom, my best man, her sister, and Charlie’s speech created memories for a lifetime.

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  1. Wow...what a gorgeous couple! And what awesome photos, Jenn. You sure were able to capture ALL aspects of their wedding and reception. Was the one bridesmaid the bride's twin sister or at least her sister? They looked so much alike. I LOVED the photo you took of them from an oval shaped window (?) or mirror and they are standing in front of a golf cart. Very unique. I also loved all of the "fun" photos. Who were the "two" men that walked the bride down the aisle?