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Even though I know they ended up together, (hello they are getting married in May!) as I read the story of how Charles and Cindy fell in love I couldn't help but root them on and feel so excited as their amazing friendship blossomed into a soon to be marriage. 

Meet Charles & Cindy... 

 Charles and I have been friends since Junior year of high school, and even through college and the years to follow we remained close friends. We were those kind of friends that would go 6 months to a year without speaking, years without seeing each other, only catch up over phone calls that would last hours, and feel as though no time had passed at all. We talked about life, family, work, relationships.... we knew everything about each other, and were always there for each other. I always knew there was something special about him. Long before I could consciously recognize it, there was a desire just to be near him, in his presence. There was a connection between us I couldn't put my finger on.  We were always 'just friends' until I came to visit him in Arizona a few times (I lived in Oregon at the time) . I distinctly remember after he dropped me off at the airport following one of my visits, I called my sister or my mom (or both?!) and told them that the the next time I came to Arizona, Charles and I would be TOGETHER, together...not friends...more!  About three months later, I came out to visit again. He drove up at the airport, got out of the truck, and gave me a hug. It was THAT instant. I knew. I'd be with this man for the rest of my life. With no words spoken about it, I think we both felt it. 
In the truck, he held my hand and I knew 'this' would be forever. That night, now more than 5 years ago, we shared our first kiss. Magical. I know it sounds sappy, but its true! It was 10 years in the making. 10 years of friendship, 10 years of foundation for a phenomenal relationship that had just begun. 15 years after meeting him, I am about  to marry the most amazing man I have ever met!!
For their engagement session, we went to the exact spot where Charles proposed... 

It was Valentines Day, and I was completely clueless until just before he proposed... he really did a great job! He told me the night before that he wanted to mountain bike early in the morning before work and asked if I would drive him to the top. It is a normal occurrence for me to shuttle him and friends to the top of South Mountain on the weekends so they could downhill bike down. But this was the middle of the week, you see, so I should have seen it coming. I didn't... he was so calm and convincing. He didn't make a big deal of it... no early morning clients and just a quick ride before work, he'd said. 
On the ride up I was confused about the timing and his work, and how he would get down fast enough to get there in time. But...I figured he had it handled, and didn't think too much about it. We got to the top of South Mountain with his friend (who Charles got to come along so it was more convincing) and they both got out and started putting their riding gear on. This ruse was fully acted out until the last moments. It was still dark and I was standing outside looking out over the beautiful city lights of Phoenix. He suggested we walk over to the lookout point with a little bench. I happily agreed, still oblivious.  But as we walked over, I was starting to wonder... never in 4 years had he suggested we "go over to the look-out bench"... that's when I began to realize what might be happening.  We stood there quietly chatting about the view for a few moments and then, calm and cool as ever, he started talking about our life together and our future together. When he pulled out the ring I was ecstatic. Of course the answer was YEESSSS!!!!  It was still pretty dark, and next thing out of my mouth was "don't drop it!!!"  We had a laugh, hugged and kissed, and lingered a little while at the top as the sun was rising.  It was perfect. :)
"High school chemistry class was the first time I noticed her. Not only was she attractive, but intelligent enough to do my chemistry homework. Our friendship continued well after high school. A trip to Boston was my first indication that we would be good together. It was the summation of the time together that weekend that lead me to know that something could happen. When I saw her next in ARizona was confirmation."

"I'm looking forward to continuing to build our life together that we have been planning and continuing to support Cindy in her endeavors."

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