Annah and Andre | Ryan

It was the perfect October day when Annah and Andre showed up at Villa Siena, ready for the day they will never forget. The girls hustled around, brushing on sparkle to Annah's arms and helping her primp her dress, meanwhile the guys drank a beer and kept each other laughing down the hall. 

Annah and Andre didnt' see each other before the ceremony so there was great anticipation building the whole morning for the groom to see his bride. And once he saw Annah walking down the aisle, tears formed in his eyes as she walked towards him. Getting to photograph these two together after the ceremony was so much fun! Ryan and I loved how laid back these two were. They were joyful and happy together and it felt like they were just going to break into dance at any moment. It was such a great day for Annah and Andre and we loved being there to capture every moment! Thank you guys and enjoy your memories! 

Venue: Villa Siena
Flowers: Flowers by Jodi
Cake: Piece of Cake
DJ and Firworks show: Ray the DJ
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio

"My favorite time was, in general, getting ready prior to the ceremony. I was able to be with all of my bridesmaids and my mother and was eagerly (and anxiously) awaiting everything to start and to getting married. Andre and I exchanged letters and I absolutely loved reading what he wrote. He knew exactly how I would be feeling at that moment and knew precisely what to say to help calm me down. Most importantly, what he wrote made me laugh and feel at ease. He always knows what to say to make me feel better, and that just further confirmed that I was marrying the right man. " Annah

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