Celebrating 40 Years of Marraige

40 years. 

Of marriage. 

One marriage. 

It is rare nowadays that you come across a couple that has made it that long. My in-laws are pretty incredible anyways, but the fact that they have chosen to stick by each others side, from moving across country, to raising children and  owning their own business; this couple makes it to the top of my respect list. (I'm clapping inside my mind for them : )

Now if you know anythign about this two people, you know they have an affinity for the fine arts. They listen to classical music and love their Broadway musicals. So for their 40th, Ron decided they should go to Las Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera.

*One small thing*

He also invited the family along to surprise her in Vegas.

So unbenowst to Joanne, we packed up and headed to Vegas the same day they did.

Once we got to the lobby of the amamzing Vdara hotel, we had concierge call up to their room and tell them that there was a special delievery waiting down at the check in desk, and they needed to come get it : ) 

We all huddled around the tall green plants in the lobby of the Vdara hotel. Our  heads taking turns bobbing around the corner as quickly as we could so that  we would know when she was coming, but so that she didn't see us. 

Finally they stepped off the elevator and she approached. She turned the corner and there we were! Her reaction was priceless, seeing her whole family standing there ready to celebrate their 40 years of marriage with them. Tears came to her eyes as she hugged each of us, still in shock that we were there.

(See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHnCwP3Mwrg)

It was an amazing weekend and I'm so honored to call these two individuals my bonus parents :)

Thank you Ron and Joanne, for committing to eachother for the past 40 years. For waking up and choosing to love eachother and for raising your sons with such an amazing set of values. We all love you so much!

Thank you for letting us spend the weekend celebrating with you and for setting an amazing example of a healthy marriage. 


  1. Thank you so much Jenn for putting this together. As always, you did a fantastic job!! I will never forget this past weekend & will always cherish it. I am so thankful to have ALL of you in my life...God has been good to me & I feel very fortunate. I love all of you will all my heart.

  2. Oh, Jenn! We lived next door to Ron and Joanne for 2 years and I agree with every compliment you paid them. Thank you for sharing and photographing your special weekend. Much love to all the Wagners - Blake and Mike Kavanagh (and Daniel, Matthew, and Puerquito)