Weekend in Prescott

So based on the photo collage,  it looks like Ricky and I kidnapped 2 cute kids for the weekend and took them up to a cottage in Prescott. Kinda creepy... What really happend, is we somehow went the whole weekend without getting photos with their amazing parents. My bad Joanne and Devan! : ) 

We had such a fun weekend up North, the weather was gorgeous, the four hours of pooltime with the girls was so fun, and the after dinner conversation kept us up till we were hungry for 2nds. 

One of the funniest parts of the weekend was right before we started eating, Ricky said grace for us and thanked God for the time up north, the Wastchak family, and just time to spend together. 

Well i guess it dragged on a litlte cause after we said amen, 6 year old Megan just comes right out and says, " That was long!" 

haha, love kids!  And the Wastchaks. 

So blessed to have awesome friends to create summer memories with! 

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