The Maret Family!

They all piled out of the cute family van, oldest to youngest spilling into the grass looking adorable.  They followed me to each of the three locations I had picked out ahead of time, and smiled their darling little smiles like it was their job! I loved watching this family of six  as they ran, climbed, shared and played together. Every time i turned around there was always someone doing something cute and I just loved it!  

Maret family! Thank you so much for letting me follow you around the playground, capturing your precious little ones as they played and were themselves. You guys are awesome and I hope to see you again as your family grows! 

How cute are these faces?

These are my favorite... the moments  you can't plan, that just happen organically...

Proud momma pushing her baby girl in a swing. 

Thank you guys for letting me capture your awesome family!

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