Heidi and Peter Sitting in a tree.... A Surprise Proposal!

She looked a little apprehensive as she picked up the red box off of the planter, but as soon as Peter came around the corner Heidi's entire face lit up with a smile... And after Peter got down on his knee and confessed his love; she quickly went from girlfriend, to fiance!

Talk about a status upgrade!!

So excited for you guys as you plan your dream wedding and begin the next phase of your life together! 

Allister is awesome and helped to coordinate the day so it would be a surprise along with her son Mason who helped Heidi find the ring! : ) 

We got to take a few photos right after Peter and Heidi got engaged. So fun to see two people in love!

and yes... we really did put Heidi and Peter in a tree... so gradeschool ryhme i know, but it was cute!

And yes they did a little K*I*S*S*I*N*G* : )

To see a video of their proposal, go here: 

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