Grant and Brittany - Scottsdale Engagement Session with Shannon

Shannon and I sat with Brittany and Grant over a cup of coffee and immediately felt a sense of love &  depth between these two that is so rare! They've been together for years so I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise at all. They were so comfortable with each other and told us all about their beautiful love story and their upcoming wedding in the fall at Villa Siena! Now the one thing they didn't' share with us, or demonstrate at Starbucks for that matter was Brittany's amazing knack for singing her way through life! I wish so badly we would have known this little tidbit about them because we would have for sure made her show off her skill right then and there...

From Grant- 

"One of my favorite things about Brittany is her random singing. Let me first start off by saying she’s no Adele, which makes it all the better. So, here’s what happens. Basically she could be cleaning, leaving for work, or simply just sitting on the couch watching TV and she will start singing about what ever is on her mind or a reaction to something. For example, she’s stepping out the door for work, turns around and sings “Leaving. I’m going to work and I’M LEAVIIIIIIINNNG” It’s like she goes into Opera Mode. Absolutely cracks me up and now I catch myself doing the same thing all the time. Here’s a scene from the movie Elf that best describes what she does, " - Grant
We are so excited for you guys and cannot wait for your beautiful wedding day with Shannon! Its going to be amazing and we can see the genuine love and compassion you have for each other. So happy for you both! - Shannon and Jenn

 I mean how much do these two love each other?! SO cute!
“You always hear people talking about how they can't wait to spend their lives together, or can't wait to start once they are married, but for me and Grant we have already started a life together.  We moved in together almost four year ago and since then have been building our lives together.  I love what we have already built and I look forward to growing that even more.  After we are married we want to buy a house and then grow our little family. I am also excited to call his my husband. “ - Brittany
Now I can’t recall the exact date of when I first said ‘I love you’, but I do remember everything else. We were out with friends on Mill Ave and while we were walking to the next location, she just naturally turns to me and says it. I had to ask her to repeat herself because in the past I would tend to be the one who said it first so I was caught off guard. She said it again, I instantly said ‘I love you’ right back and kissed her. What made it so special for me was everything went silent right when she said it, as if no one else was even there. It was only me and her because nothing else mattered.”- Grant

“When did I know I loved him? We were out with our friends one night, dancing and laughing and having a great time. I just remember looking over at him and thinking "I love him". – Brittany
“So for our first kiss, Grant made the first move.  We were at friend's house one night when we first kissed.  I don't really remember the events of the night, but I do remember feeling butterflies.” – Brittany
"What I’m looking forward to the most is marrying my best friend, the start of a new life (which we practically have a head start on since we will be together for almost six years by the time of the wedding day), having our closest friends and family there, and the overall celebration. I really can’t ask for more than that. Ultimately though, it comes down to one thing. I get to call Brittany my wife and not just my wife, but my partner for the rest of my life."- Grant
“Our relationship started out as a friendship.  We were casually seeing other people, and I considered Grant one of my good friends.  I remember crying to Grant one night about my frustrations with the guy I was currently seeing.  After that we started hanging out a lot more just the two of us, and feelings started to develop. “- Brittany

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