Uptown Bridal - Five things you need to know for your perfect dress!

Pop the bubbly! Uptown Bridal  just opened up their newest boutique and it is something to write home about! Guys I got to go and experience it first hand and it is unlike any dress shopping I've ever been to! From fancy treats for you and your crew, to the Mrs. Box display, this a brand new luxury concept is absolutely something to invite your girlfriends and mom to! 

The ladies over at Uptown are  dress pros and today they are giving you five inside tips to finding your one dream dress!

1.) As gorgeous as they ALL are… try to narrow the field quickly!  There are a lot of “beautiful no’s”. Be picky, say no, you won’t hurt the gowns’ feelings.  After all, we are looking for “the one” that steals your heart!
2. Treat yourself to hair and make-up before your reservation! You’ll look in the mirror, get a sneak peek to your future blissful bridal self and say, “Wow, I look good!
3.) Bring the ones you treasure the most!!!  There are a few special people that have been waiting a long time to see you in a wedding gown… you know who they are!
4.) Don’t be nervous… relax and enjoy!  Let the bridal consultants, staff, and the gowns do the hard work to ‘WOW’ you!
5. )Trust yourself and trust your decision!  You know yourself better than anyone!

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