Camelback Inn Golf Club Wedding, Scottsdale Arizona, Chaya and Ben Bernstein

I have literally never seen a grown man physically leap so high out of pure excitement in my life!

You see, it had been overcast all day, and sprinkling pretty consistently on Ben & Chaya's January wedding day. Between photos we would dart back into buildings and under patios to make sure everyone stayed dried. During our designated family photos, it was coming down pretty steady, so we had our second shooter hold umbrellas over the family, and then count to three while everyone smiled in position and she'd quick run away for a few seconds while I snapped, and then quickly brought them back for cover. We had a system down and we were making it work, but the ceremony was supposed to be outside with a view!

Andrea Leslie and her whole team had been working diligently over at Camelback Inn golf Club, setting up for their backup plan indoors as the weather just didn't seem like it would cooperate. Thank goodness for planners and backup plans!

It was pretty amazing, that this couple, who came in for their sunny destination wedding in Phoenix Arizona, was not at all taken aback or frustrated by the turn of events. Ben and Chaya smiled through it all, laughing and enjoying every minute of their less-than-dry morning. And  the crazy part was, throughout the whole morning of showers- which you could say deserved some griping--- I literally never heard either of them complain about it! No one did! Their family and friends were all just as cheerful and happy to be a part of such a great day, it was like the joy of the day was so abundant, not even a silly thing like rain could keep them down! Attitude is everything people. 

And wouldn't you know it... you guys, less than an hour before their wedding was set to start.. the clouds gave way, the sun peaked through! The ALWE team ran around like crazy resetting their entire ceremony so that Ben and Chaya could have the wedding day they always dreamed of! 

It was at this point, that our groom, Ben literally LEPT for joy upon hearing this news that their wedding would be outside! It was the most genuine expression I had seen and his height was worth noting; I think I even saw a heel click in there too. : ) 

The stage was set, and the sun shone through as the last of the guests took their seats for the ceremony. Under a beautiful chuppah by Butterfly Petals, Ben and his stunning bride Chaya, said their vows, received many blessings and became united as man and wife. 
It was truly an amazing day, and I truly believe so much of it was from the positive attitudes and joy that poured from this couple! Ben and Chaya, mazel tov!  
Much love,
Jenn Wagner & the Studio Girls
"Chaya looked AMAZING; her hair, the dress:  I am a lucky guy.  When I saw her for the first time on our wedding day, my heart fluttered a bit; I remember feeling like I was on air.  I loved how she moved effortlessly from person to person, making everyone feel welcome.  She lit up the room with her smile, her grace.  This wedding was one in which people were comfortable and familiar; we wouldn't have had it any other way." - Ben

The amazing vendors that helped make this day so gorgeous! 
First look and getting read: JW Marriott Resort 
Dress: BHLDN
Groom Outfitting: Mens Warehouse
Flowers: Butterfly Petals
Shoes: Kate Spade
DJ and Firworks show: Push Play Entertainment
Photography: Jenn Wagner Studio
"Ben and I had two things on our mind for our wedding- our commitment to one another, and having a great party! My vision for the day was shaped by my favorite rich colors- burgundy, navy and dark green with gold accents. I wanted to be in Scottsdale for the amazing backdrops and fun cacti/plants. The florals were chosen because I love ranunculus and succulents and Mandi paired them with fun accents like the eucalyptus and berries. We also loved our carrot wedding cake and the florals were amazing with the simple buttercream decoration."- Chaya

"You and your staff were patient and sweet to all of us.  The time that you spent with us augmented the whole experience; personally you made me feel comfortable on the other side of the camera even though I don't like to be photographed.  I know that this was one of the more important things for Chaya, to have the best photos for our special day.  The attention to detail, the flexibility on you and your staff's part to keep shooting even though it was raining, is much appreciated." - Ben

"During the morning of the ceremony, I was afraid that we weren't able to get the wedding day that we ultimately wanted due to the inclement weather; I was eating lunch with my best man, and I remember smiling but dreading bad news that we would be having the ceremony inside. Chaya had been anxious throughout the week leading up the wedding, constantly looking at the weather reports.  When the skies parted and we were able to have that amazing sunshine, the beautiful landscape to only make the ceremony sweeter, it was a blessing!  I was ecstatic that the staff was able to move a chupah that was meant to be immovable to complete our dream wedding.  I jumped in the air and embraced my beautiful bride!"- Ben
Seeing his bride come down the aisle...
"I was so thankful we were able to meet Rabbi Caplan over the summer, it really made us feel at ease knowing he was performing our ceremony. The most special moment to me was putting Ben's ring on and knowing we were officially getting married in from our our family and God." - Chaya
"I loved our DJ and reception- we micromanaged and choose our dance playlist. Ben and I are big dancers at weddings so we knew we were going to cut loose and get sweaty. Because they were going to get sweaty we decided the groomsmen would get tuxedo print shirts to throw on after we cut the cake. It turned out that Thursday night at the Coyotes (my favorite hockey team, watch them all the time in IL) actually gave out tuxedo print shirts while we were at the game. That meant I got to throw on one as well :)" - Chaya
Cheers! To a beautiful happy ever after Chaya and Ben!

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