Ruze Cake House!

Okay, so please excuse this brief diversion from super cute wedding tablescapes and adorably-in-love couples as I bring you, Cake!!!
Guys, if you haven't been yet, you need to, no you have to go check out Ruze Cake House in Old Town Scottsdale. It is the cutest place and they have the most yummy wedding cakes!
When you first walk in the doors, you are greeted by friendly staff and the perfect display of cupcakes scones and yummy treats! It is a great place to sit and have a cup of tea while you catch up on email or just take a break from the day! And they just launched their new boba tea line! So extra yumm! The vibe is very open and friendly and I feel like every time we are in there we run into someone we know! Its the new coolest place to hang out!
The girls over at Ruze have a special thing going on and I was such an honor to get to go over there and photograph some of their new, inventory, and yes I tried every single thing and it is all so good.
Brides you can set up a cake tasting right on their website! What is more fun that tasting cake for your big day? Um the answer is nothing. 

Don't worry, I wish my kitchen looked like this too! : ) 

Until I see you at Ruze Cake house! 

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