Villa Siena, Gilbert Arizona, Justin and Valerie Wedding!

I'm not quite sure what Valerie imagined when she pictured her wedding day, but I can't help but feel like her vision came together perfectly! From the color, to the girls standing next to her, to the amazing dancing at the end of the night. Not to mention the most elegant and *perfect* dress that Valerie wore! I could only dream of wearing a dress like that! So feminine and elegant and fit her perfect in all the right places! She killed it! Their day was an intimate, beautiful occasion where their friends and family celebrated the love and union between Justin and Valerie. These two have a devotion for each other that is passionate and deep. They truly have a heat between them that is like fire! Drawn to each other in the most beautiful way. It was such an honor to be there as they made the life commitment official to each other and we could not be more happy as they begin the rest of their lives together! 

We love you guys! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture this amazing part of your love story! We cannot wait to watch the rest of your life unfold before you! 
“If I could go back to re-live one hour of my big day, it would be the hour just before the ceremony. A lot of emotions and preparing that wasn't was the most intense hour that I've had in a very long time. It was the first look, which tore me down emotionally and then immediately built me back up, preparing me to tell the woman I love that I am willing and ready to spend my entire life making her happy.” - Justin
The amazing vendors that helped make this day so gorgeous! 
Venue: Villa Siena
Groom Outfitting: Mens Warehouse
Flowers: I Do AZ
Shoes; Valentino
Makeup: Glamdollaz
DJ and Firworks show: Ray the DJ
Photography: Jenn Wagner

“The thing about Valerie that I loved the most was how well her dress matched her personality.The dress didn't make the bride beautiful...the bride brought out all of the best features of the dress. The two complimented each other perfectly. The dress was classic and delicate and detailed. Valerie in her dress, the dress that was chosen by the one wearing it for the location the wedding was being held at, was about as completely happy as you can expect someone to be...and it was beautiful."-Justin
“As far as memories that stick out as the one's that I will remember forever, the first one that comes to mind is during the first look. The very first look. It was intense, and full of emotion, and one of the most fulfilling memories I have. Standing there with my eyes closed, full of excitement and anticipation, and opening them to the most beautiful sight I have ever put my eyes on. I will always remember the first look I had of my wife. Of course, the ceremony and reception was for the two of us, but Valerie was adamant about quite a few made the process, like most wedding, a little on the stressful side...but Valerie is all about taking care of the people around her.”- Justin
“The first look was perfect.! I am so glad we decided to do it.  I loved that I got to see him first.  Did he ever look handsome!  When he turned to look at me, it was an instant rush of butterflies and hopes that I looked far better than he ever expected.  The expression on his face and in his eyes… He loves me!  What a feeling!  We didn’t really know what to say to each other and, to be honest; I don’t really remember much of what we did say.  I just remember the feeling, that and even though we promised we wouldn’t kiss before the ceremony we couldn’t help but do it.” - Valerie
“The colors and florals were difficult for me.  I’m not very savvy when it comes to all that.  I did know that I wanted a dark burgundy color! I have always loved that color and it just fit the venue so well. When I was younger, I actually wanted a burgundy wedding dress, but I wasn’t daring enough to actually go for it so instead I chose it for my bridesmaids. Our accent color, champagne/gold, happened entirely on accident when a trip to Tuesday Morning left my lovely wedding planner and I with a trunk filled with champagne colored items for decorating.  Flowers were fun.  I picked them simply by surfing Pinterest and consulting the florist.  I told her the colors I wanted, showed her a few pictures, and then let her choose the flowers.  She did a fantastic job!  I was hoping for an Italian vineyard villa feel, something elegant and timeless.  I believe everything came together beautifully! ” - Valerie
“I love love love my bridal party.  Each lovely lady was from a different part of my life.  My Maid of Honor, Ali, and I met in 2011. We were both bartenders and ended up relying on each other through several significant events.  I don’t think either of us realized how close we were until we didn’t live near each other.  Her personality is out of control wonderful and I love that our friendship has only grown stronger in the last year.  I cannot wait to be in her wedding in August! 
Rachel I have known the longest.  She was my brother’s friend to start and was so sweet to me in high school when I had trouble making friends.  I could always rely on her for a smile and a big hug.  I only saw her after high school when my brother would come in town to visit.  After I had my daughter, I just happened to move into her neighborhood.  Her daughter is now my daughter’s best friend and Rachel has become one of mine.  She is a wonderful mom and an amazing friend.  I am excited to watch our families grow together. Sarah is my newest friend and Justin’s sister.  She had a reputation for being a bad ass and was apparently not so great to Justin’s previous girlfriends.  I was afraid to meet her because I wanted so badly for her to like me.  After we met, I knew her and I would be close.  She is sassy with a huge heart and is not afraid to speak her mind.  Justin is lucky to have her as a sister, and now so am I!Nicole has been my friend the longest.  Her and I were both in choir junior year and became fast friends.  She was this tiny package of a person with a booming, beautiful voice and a sweet spirit.  We both earned the same full ride scholarship to the University of Arizona and were inseparable for all of college.  We pulled each other through so much.  I still miss our Domino’s pizza and movie nights.  I love that girl so much and having her as part of my big day was a no brainer!Melanie, dubbed my wedding planner, became a part of my world through work this last year.  I mentioned to her one day that I failed at being a girl, and this young sweetheart stepped right up to help me.  She did my make-up and helped design my outfits for my engagement photos.  From there, she rooted herself into our little family.  Suddenly, Melanie was at Sunday morning breakfast and working out with me at the gym.  She has become a little sister to me and I am so thankful for everything she has done to help me with the wedding.” - Valerie
"The big day" wasn't just about us; it was about everyone around us. It was about our family and friends. Valerie has one of the biggest hearts on the planet, and you could see it in the details of our wedding day. I love that she is always looking out for the rest of us. The biggest thing I took from working with Jenn Wagner Studios was how personal everything was. Jenn and the team were there every step and were as involved as we were. The effort was incredible, and the emotions and happiness was genuine. If anything, that is the perfect word to describe the way Jenn and everyone else took care of us; genuine.” - Justin

“I can’t help but look back and laugh at myself all the days before the wedding.  The stress of the wedding was ridiculous.  I wanted so badly for everything to be perfect and, of course, it was not.  I woke up sick the morning of our wedding, I forgot to bring glassware I had purchased specially for the bridesmaids, the wrong version of our first dance song played, an entire table did not show up, my hair went flat… but in the end, all I could do was laugh at myself for trying to control everything.  I was able to push everything aside and have a great time at the reception with my husband.  Though, it did take a couple days for me to really chuckle about it.” - Valerie


Thank you for letting us capture your beautiful day! 


  1. Oh my goodness! Jenn!!! I am in tears. Thank you, thank you, thank you for capturing the beauty, the elegance, the love, the fun that was this day. It would take a book to share the emotions these pictures have evoked. You. Are. Amazing.

    1. It was such a beautiful day! You raised a sweet daughter and even cuter minnie me in Claire!! : ) Hugs to you and your family!