Bridal must do's and Don't! The 5 things I recommend!

How can brides better prepare for their best photos ever on their wedding day? Such a great question!

There is so much that goes into a wedding day! You are a fiance for a long time leading up to the day you become a bride; here are 5 simple tricks and pieces of advice to make  your once in a lifetime day the best ever! 
1. DO a hair and makeup trial with a professional! Find the look you want!
DON'T try and do it yourself or "have a friend with a lot of makeup" do your wedding day look. No. 
2. DO have your maid of honor carry around a 'touch up bag" for you, with hairspray, lipgloss, and the things you need during the day. 
 DON'T expect your makeup to last all day, especially into portrait time after the wedding. You'll need a freshen up before that time. 
3. DON'T starve yourself and not eat on your wedding day bc you want to "look slimmer". That is the worst and makes you cranky, eat something woman!
 Eat a healthy but fulfilling meal. It will make you feel so much better and it shows in the photos; when you feel good you look good!

4. DO know and understand that your dress won't stay perfect all day. We do our best to keep it pristine before the wedding, but chances are you'll get it a little wrinkled or dusty a bit as you walk around and *enjoy* the best day of your life! 
DON'T freak out about it. No one else will notice and we'll make sure and clean any little things up before the wedding starts, besides; everyone will  be too busy looking at your pretty face! 
5. Do be willing to get your dress on outside! Or at least the zip or button part! The light is so much better outside plus we won't be flighting with the clutter of makeup and random shoes in the background! Trust us and GO FOR IT! 
DON'T be afraid to follow your photographers lead, they know best most of the time and just want to make you look fantastic!
And one more photo because... pretty cake!! : ) 

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