Oro Valley Catholic Wedding | Tucson Arizona | David and Paige

From the long blush gowns, to the organic flowing bouquets set amongst a background of romantic desert landscape, nothing could have made this wedding day more gorgeous, nor could the couple have been more reverent. 

It was the perfect mix of beauty, while still focusing on the most important part; their union. Paige and David were married at the most gorgeous St. Mark Church in Oro Valley and you could tell from the very start of the day that this was going to be something special. From the amazing worship music that filled the hall as guests sang along, to the roar of applause as man and wife made their grand entrance later that night; one thing is clear - this couple is deeply loved.
Their wedding day reflected just that. 
Paige and David! Thank you so much for allowing us to capture your one beautiful wedding day! We could not be more happy for your two and know that your marriage is truly off on such an incredible path surrounded by an amazing group of friends and family!
All our best, 
Jenn Wagner and the Studio Girls

This day was made beautiful by so many amazing and hard-working vendors, they are: 
Reception Venue: Reflections By the Buttes
Florals: Posh Petals
Dress; Vera Wang
Paper Goods: Be A Heart Design
Groomswear: Vera Wang
Makeup and Hair: Image Salon Spa
Rings: Shane Co.

Getting ready for the big day ahead...

 The Wedding

"The only unexpected thing that happened was that the Mass started without me. I was in the sacristy (room where the priests prepare for Mass) with the priests and deacon, and we strolled out thinking we were on time, only to see half the bridal party already processed into the church. Usually the groom and priests are the first in the church before the procession. I kept thinking what if we were late, and what if Paige processed down the aisle without me being there? Thankfully I was able to sneak in before Paige processed down. " - David
"If I could relive 1 hour of the day it would be The Mass. Every moment of the Mass was powerful for me, from seeing Paige process down the aisle, when I had to resist every part of me to not run down the aisle to meet her, to professing our vows. There was a moment during the vows when I said "all the days of my life", that an image of us as an old couple flashed into my mind, and it moved me to think of how profound our love and commitment was, and to think of how I'll look back at that moment when we're old together. Then, towards the end of Mass, when we sang to God of our reliance on Him, I was overwhelmed knowing how much God loves us, and knowing how much I love Paige and desire to serve her all my days." -David
"There were many wonderful moments to our wedding day and I wish I could relive the entire day over and over again. My prayer going into our wedding was that I would be able to remain completely and totally present to what was happening sacramentally. That said, I think looking back my favorite time of the day was standing at the altar with my love. There was something so electric and exciting about seeing my groom for the first time that day. I was filled with radiant joy as we stood there looking into each others' eyes. It was very romantic as we set the foundation of our marriage before God." -Paige
"I felt many different emotions throughout the day. Nostalgia, joy, butterflies, even a little bit of nerves right before the mass. I was ready, but my body started freaking out. I highly anticipated crying my eyes out as I am typically a pretty emotional person, but instead I was so overcome with joy that I couldn't help but smile! I was beaming! The thought of our love becoming one before our family and friends had my heart racing. I was able to maintain my composure throughout the day but got teary-eyed when I saw David in the front of the Church for the first time and during our exchange of vows. I experienced the most powerful moment of the day when we were praising God after communion. I happened to glance over at David and noticed that we both had our hands and voices raised in worship and in that moment I had a vision of what our marriage would look like. "- Paige
"I'm mostly looking forward to living each day beside my best friend and doing whatever I can to serve and support him. David is the sweetest, most humble man I have ever met. He constantly goes out of his way to reveal Christ to me and I hope that I can do the same for him. I'm ready for all the adventures ahead... including babies!" - Paige

 The Reception

Snuck out for a few quick photos while their guests ate dinner... totally worth it!!
"The best part about being a husband so far is spending the beginning and end of everyday with my best friend and beautiful wife." - David
Thank you for letting us capture your amazing day!
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