Scott and Kelly | Wedding

"Kelly was getting solo shots in the grass field with the sun setting behind the mountains. It was something about her twirling in her dress with the backdrop lit perfectly that made me smile.  When people ask me what she looked like on our wedding day, I think about that moment." - Scott
Brought tears to my eyes. 
After weddings, I love to ask a few questions to the bride and groom to get their take on the perspective of their day. That was Scott's response to what he remembers about his bride on their one beautiful wedding day... 

Its moments like his that make me so thankful to do what I do. 
To capture that moment... that one fleeting moment of Kelly, in her wedding dress, spinning in a field... 
I got to be there, to witness it and to preserve it for both of them... 

And now, knowing what it means to Scott... I love this photo even more. 

Scott and Kelly, thank you so much for letting me be a part of capturing these moments. 
I hope you are able to look back, for years to come, and remember exactly what you felt for each other on this one amazing day.  

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