Jess | Portraits in Santa Barbara

We had just gotten into Santa Barbara and dropped our stuff off at Andrews' house. 
I walked behind her on our way to lunch at Silver greens and I noticed her pants. 
A daring black and white pattern that can only be pulled off by someone confident enough to wear them. 
And she did. 
Different bracelets that clearly told a story dangled from her wrists as we ordered and it struck me; she's an artist.

I watched her the next day as she led a workshop on the beach for how to shoot children in motion. 
Something just drew me to her. The way she worked, dug her heels into the sand and got dirty with the kiddos she was with. She was having fun, just as much as they were.

And as I watched her, it  almost like I was watching myself photograph, and remembering how much I loved it. The joy of capturing others in a moment in time.

Jess is an artist. 
A deep thinker.
And a child at heart.

Glad to call her friend.

Jess thank you for inspiring me and connecting me with the person I was when I first started. Thank you for reminding me to dig in, and enjoy the creative process. For pressing me on to do more, share more, serve more.

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