Salami Sandwiches, Train stations.. and Europe. : )

Okay I kind of admit it. He had a right to be mad at me.

Sitting on a train in Vienna, tickets in hand,  our luggage tucked away overhead, ready to head off to Salzburg.

And I just HAD to have another one of those sandwiches.

If you had tasted the sandwich you may relate a little more; warm crunchy rustic bread, thick slices of parmesan reggiano and a spicy salami to boot. It was the perfect sandwich.

We were going to be on the train for over 3 hours and i knew i was going to get hungry.. and not for just the overpriced train food (much like the airplane 'boutiques' where they offer you peanuts you should have gotten for free for $5, " we take cash and cards!") Right.

So with ten minutes until the train left, i jumped off the train after receiving a " really, you are going to do this? For a sandwich?" look from Ricky...

Off I started, at a slow walk.. .and then a minute later realized the sandwich place was farther than a i thought.. i had at least 7 train cars to pass (our was 3rd from the front) and then get into the station, wait in line for the sandwich and then get all the way back to the train... so I did the responsible thing and got back on the train, RAN AS FAST AS I COULD to that sandwich place. Austrian travelers with their luggage, kids holding onto their moms flew by me as i went. I know i got looks, but i didn't care, salami and parmesan were calling my name!

I got to the shop and worriedly glanced back through the station.. i could still see our platform 7 and the train sitting calmly.  I ordered my sandwich and paid and shoved the change in my pocket.

I walked out the doors and back out to our platform with PLENTY of time to spare. Examining my yummy prize as i made my walk down the cars. Even if the train did start to leave, i could always jump on and make my way down to where Ricky was sitting.

I walked... and walked. The train was longer than i remembered but i just kept walking. Finally I just jumped on the train car and walked to where our seats would be. No sign of Ricky... I looked out the window... across the platform and into the car of ANOTHER train... and there was my husband...


I was on the wrong train.

Europeans never seen a white girl with a sandwich run so fast. Euros were literally falling out of my pockets as i made a beeline for the end of the train, to loop all the way back around to the right platform. People called after me when the saw the money drop... but shoot, i just kept on running....

I saw Ricky standing outside our car nervously waiting for me and trying to decide whether to carry *all* of our  bags off  the train or get on and leave without me. As soon as I saw him I tried to slow down from my full sprint  into a calm walk.. right... like he wouldn't see a sweating blonde chick running like a mother down that platform with a death grip on a slice of deli heaven...  but we both knew how close it was. Definitely a lesson learned there...

Thankfully,  I DID make it to the train on time...and I'm sorry, but i just have to say it... that Sandwhich. was. amazing.

Ricky and i were sooo blessed to spend some time overseas to kick off the summer! We spent time in Germany and Austria, eating bratwursts, riding bikes around beautiful castles, exploring fortresses and spending some amazing quality time together.

Here are a few photos from our adventure : )  Full post coming soon!

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  1. You "train/salami sandwich" story was making me nervous & I felt my heart racing a bit!!! Anyways, I did enjoy the story immensely & even had to chuckle a doubt Rick was ready to "kill" you!!! These few pictures are truly beautiful which makes me want to visit parts of Europe if possible. Ron & I will have to seriously think about it. Glad you both had a great time & are back home safe. Now back to "reality." Love you both, Mom Joanne

    1. It was a great trip! You guys should really go, i know you would love it! : )

    2. Oh, I have NO doubt that we would truly love visiting parts of Europe. We have been talking about doing the river cruise next year but haven't made any final plans...yet. I still want to visit my brother & his wife & family this year. Plus we are planning on our "yearly" Ohio trip in October again. I'm just getting anxious to visit some place else for a change. Oh well....

  2. LOVED your story, Jenn!!! Haha glad that sandwich was worth it. At least you made other peoples day by giving them money to pick up off the floor ;)