Alison: 18 months and growing!

Its been 9 months since Alisons' last shoot. And my how this little gem has grown! 

What I love?

The fact that these precious blue little eyes are still exactly the same.. i mean.. look at these beauties! They like stare right into you. This girl is a deep thinker and is going to do something amazing in life. I can just tell.

9 Months & 18 Months 

So neat to track this little girls' growth and yet see that baby still in there. : ) Thank you Lacy for letting me capture your little girl! Your family is adorable and I loved that you were willing to go with the flow and trek your family around the park to get a cool shadow shot of your growing family!


Alison Holt: 18 months

Happy with Momma. 

Pigtails! Still her baby hair! Never been cut : ) 

The whole family was there, so we took a few photos of brothers and sisters with Alison. Love their smiles and how patient they were with her! 

Family of 5. 

Thanks you Lacy for letting me capture your beautiful family as they grow! 

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