Baby Milestones; 9 months

When I first starting shooting, I read on a blog that you should always focus on the eyes in photos. If nothing else is clear, make sure those lashes and round pupils stand out.  The eyes are said to tell it all and are a sort of passage into someones' inner mind.  I realized the truth in this after getting to capture Alison, 9 months old with eyes that were not only bright and beautiful blue, but deep and thoughtful.
It was like with every picture she was trying to figure out how the mechanics of my camera worked, and at the same time, trying to read me as well. 

Alison is such a sweet little one! She didn't fuss or cry the entire shoot and just sat wide eyed like she'd posed for a Gerber promo 100 times before. So adorable!
 We also got to get some pictures of her sweet mom, if you don't know Lacy, you are missing out! She is seriously one of the nicest people I have met and is such a great momma to Alison.

Love her little tutu!!
Happy 9 months Alison! 

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