Impromptu cuteness and love all around: The Godfrey's

" Okay,  I want you guys to jump on 3... ready...1...2"

And they were off! I knew I was going to like this family as soon as I saw all three set of little  eyes grow wide with the thought of jumping for the camera and their parents, though having dressed them in matching and adorable outfits were all for the idea.  (by the way *stellar outfits* and no offense Mark but I'm giving the credit to Mastaneh on this one) : )

I love when families understand how I shoot and are able to play in front of my camera. It really lets family dynamics come out once we get outside of those "posed" shots and i get to see the real interactions and a sneak peek of what life is like on the inside of their family.

And no, the hand holidng was not posed, he just reached out and grabbed his little sisters hands! Is that not so adorable? I mean, seriously couldn't have planned it better, and trust me i have tried! 

Cute twins, can't you just tell they are destined for a lifetime of being best of friends? : )

Whe I think of the Godfrey family it is ENERGY! This awesome family was full of that and great smiles during their family session.

Thank you for letting me capture your love!

- Jenn

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