Family photos with the Phillips

I knew the moment her little hand grabbed mine it was going to be a great session.

We were only 5 minutes into the shoot and already little Maya was as friendly as could be and grabbed my hand as we crossed the road to the pond. Her big brother followed in suite and they both said "hello" and "hi" to every person we passed.

"Oh that's just how they are!" Melissa replied when i commented about their kids amazingly friendly personalities. (Clearly a trait they got from their sweet parents)

Photography is a breeze when you have families like this. Love. it.

This little guy makes me wish i had kids 4.5 years ago. Such a great big brother and an innocent smile. 

And check out this little one! She took no direction and just smiled promtly and lavished kisses. So cute! 

Melissa and Kirk recently celebrated 10 years of marriage!! We got a chance to sneak away for a minute (don't worry the kids were close by) to capture a bit of their love. I don't know about you... but I kind of think it was magical. 

Thank you for sharing your family and letting me capture your abundant love for each other! 

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