Fears, worries and insecurities.

I was having a really off night.

One where I felt pretty worthless and started questioning whether I really could 'do' this photography thing. Wondering if i was talented enough and if i had it in me to really start my own business.

Full of doubt I vented all my fears, worries and insecurities to my husband.   I talked about not having the best website,  not owning the most expensive lenses and just feeling there is so much I still need to learn about post-processing, composing shots, aperture, and just running a business... and the list goes on and on of things i don't know, haven't done, or haven't mastered yet...

And this man. this lovely encouraging man told me to stop, and walked me through my successes over the last 6 months. And though yes i still have things to learn, and may always have some new skill or goal to 'master', its a process, and we have been so incredibly blessed this last six months.

And as he walked me through those blessings, I tried to interject and launch back into complaining, but like a good and stable husband with a point to make, he wouldn't let me.

And thinking back, the days where i am happiest, feel most fulfilled and excited for life, are the days i get to run around with you kids in the grass, capture their smiles as they wrestle and explore nature. I get joy out of watching happily married couples give eachother piggy back rides and giggle the whole time. I can't help but smile as little girls have a look of awe as they blow bubbles and babies find comfort in their mama's little finger.

Its a joy and a pleasure to capture the love of others. Thank you for letting me be a part, and for your encouragement and support on this journey. For without your seeds of faith in thinking " hey maybe that  Jenn girl could take some photos", I would be no where.

So here is to the next six months, of laughter, getting to know you and continuing to capture the radiant love one camera click at a time.

- Jenn


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