An afternoon with the Pierce Family

Their personalities were just as Tonya described each of them. 

Leigh Ann is my momma's girl a  little version of me. Obedient and helpful. 
Kanyon has a lot of energy. 
Will is our youngest and he is hit or miss! 

As soon as they arrived, Kanyon was friendly and ran to each new location. Leigh Ann stood faithfully by her parents and took direction very well. And Will, well he was a little fireball, sometimes smiling sometimes not. Shy when he first met me, but warm and spirited by the time we ended our session.

I love how you can have  such vibrant and yet different personalities within one family. It takes some pretty awesome parents to be able to nurture and grow them each up to be so individual.

 In the time I got to interact with Tonya and Geoff you could tell they were parents that are comfortable with parenting, if that makes sense? Like you hang out with the Pierce's and they just kinda got this ebb and flow thing working for them. They all know their place and add a different dynamic to the family. Its very comfortable to be around, and by the end of the session, I just kind of felt a part. 

Like I was with friends hanging out in the park. 

Will warmed up quickly and one of my favorite moments of the shoot as I was walking to my car, he came running up behind me. Stopped, looked up and very purposefully said,  " Bye Jenn!". It was like he *needed* to make sue he said that. 

And I was glad he did. 

Thank you for letting me be a part of the family for a day! Hope to hang out with you guys again soon! 

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