One for the road

Tonight was date night and I planned the whole thing; appetizers and drinks at Fired Up, letting my hubby pick the movie, and then coldstone. It was gonna be perfect. However there was  one aspect I didn't plan; but ended up being so key to such a laid back and wonderful evening.

Frank Sinatra joined us.

Oh yes, he rode with us in the car, serenading our trip in between destinations and creating a atmosphere that may have only existed in our car, but left the world outside feeling a little safer. His smooth mellow voice transported us quickly to a different era. A time where you *really* dressed up when you went out on the town. A time where you left you left your garage door and neighborhood kids came in and out as they pleased. A time where the ice cream truck was king, and sunset meant it was time to go in.

Now i never actually lived during this time period, but I've lived long enough to gather the general atmosphere of the 50's and early 60's through movies like the Sandlot and Stand by Me. Truly, you can tell so much about a culture  just by watching films, and I may not have lived it in person, but I did tonight as we drove down Chandler in our Toyota Avalon.
That face means "I love you so much"
Yes, times seemed simpler back then, so thank you Frank, for joining us on our night out. And making the world feel more like a safe little haven.

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