Dance girl dance

Ahhh! Ever have one of those days where you just feel like things couldn't get any better? And you just get so excited that the only way to unload any of the overpowering energy is to dance it out in front of your mirror? And you click on your pandora and turn the music up and click through the lame songs until you get a song like "Forever" comes on ( a total Jerry McGuire driving and listening to "Free Fallin" moment. You got me? )And then you put on your new trendy glasses and a dress that you only wore once at your engagement pictures cause you just want to feel... well bold and daring and awesome?

 Yeah me too.

That was my tonight.

starts with full homeade caramel frappachinos from a recipe I found on pinterest, and it tastes just as good.

My husband sat idly by as i danced it out all around the house, a small smirk on his face cause there's a small part of him that wishes he could wear my dress, but he can't.

The top two emails are my reason for having such a great night!

Our US Airways flight is reserved... to GERMANY! The Wagners are headed back to Europe for ten days in 2012 and we can't wait. It is set, and our tickets are not refundable! (smart? maybe, exciting, yes. )

and then the second little number on there is my ebay purchase... I finally pulled the trigger and bought the Canon 5d! Big step for my photography!  I know it will help me step up my game, learn more about the ins and outs of a camera and also give better quality pictures to my clients! So excited for it to get here! The great part? With the support from my husband and saving every penny from my shoots, I am able to pay in full for this purchase and we will not go in debt at all! Dave Ramsey would be proud. : ) Thank you God!
there she is, in all her awesomness

Do you guys ever have days like this? Where you just have to run around and let it all out in crazy ways or am i the only one here? :  )  What do you do to get it out?!

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