Get your Pinterest On

Felt like being crafty tonight and with a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, I knew I could make magic happen.  Everyone else seems to be able to doing creative and wonderful things. So i wanted to join them in their fun.

i mean you see stuff like this
Burlap Banner with Hearts and this... t-shirt braid necklace.

and you think " oh i love, it i can make that! Can't be that difficult. Right?"

I mean, how hard can it be to create a bookshelf made of vintage wine crates, sewn together with organic tulip petals and properly decorated with my great grandfathers film camera and a quote that will inspire anyone that walks into my house. How hard can it be?

hard people. hard.

I have been blessed with a lot of talents, and one of them is being honest when I'm just not good at something. Friends. I am no good at Pinterest in real life.

It started with a simple idea that been floating around. Up-cycling t-shirts into bracelets and a necklace. Its great, its unique, you already own the supplies. "I can do this" i thought.
I didn't take this picture, and jealously i didn't create this bracelets. but this chick did:

So i pulled out the scissors, some shirts i was ready to be rid of, and tuned into the right side of my brain.

time to get my Pinterest on

Three t-shirts, two bracelets, and an hour later, and here is what i ended up with...
its okay, im nots sure what it is either...

this is not a joke. i wish it was, but it happened. 
The only kind of cool thing i ended up with was this necklace. and in reality, i just look like a lame lion. And i have to be honest, all i did was cut the ruffle off of one of the necklines of a shirt. so i didn't really do anything but use scissors and destroy a shirt im sure someone could have gotten much better use out of.
this was the moment i realized i had failed. and it looks like i have a crazy eye. 
As i go back and edit this, i realize how ridiculous these things look and i can't help but laugh to myself as my little ihome blares out Jordin sparks blares " no air" and my legs begin to overheat from this laptop. Its comical. How we as humans think we should be naturally good at things. That creating hipster looking jewelry from old t-shirts our first time should be easy, just because other people can do it. 

By the time i had these little disasters all sitting in front of me, mocking my inability to... cut things good... i didn't even feel like taking pictures of them. hence the lame pictures.

So overall, i would say its a lot easier to feel crafty by finding crafy things OTHER people have done online, and then hitting the digital pin button. I can organize those boards like no ones business, but i think I'll be leaving it on the world wide web for everyone to enjoy and not bringing chaos to my clothes and office room floor. Feel free to follow my Pinterest, but when it comes to real life, stear clear my friends. Fair warning.

oh and just to rub it in my face a little more, this quote showed up on my wall.

You win tonight pinterest... but tomorrow... i shall return and poke some fresh holes of creative robbery off a bunch of other peoples blogs and pages. so there. 

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