Flagstaff Engagement Session with Chris and Annabelle - Dusty

As Dusty drove down the old bumpy rode on the outskirts of Flagstaff, she wasn't quite sure where the road would lead. But following behind her sweet couple, Chris and Annabelle to his family property, she knew they were at least heading in the right direction. Dips in the road and a few turns and then... this!! The road opened up into a straight shot of the gorgeous mountain display with the richest textures and beautiful colors! She almost stopped the car right then but the road only got better as it lead through tons of rich aspen trees and fields with perfectly placed pine trees! This is photographer heaven people! 

The session was just as lovely considering how absolutely in love Chris and Annabelle are! Their chemistry is undeniable and they look at each other like there is no one else in the room! (or field for that matter) This is an engagement session for the books and we are so excited to feature this adorable couple and also be there for their wedding day in November! We are so happy for you guys, thank you for

"Chris proposed in Las Vegas. We love to party and have fun, so Las Vegas was perfect! We were celebrating my 30th birthday so this was definitely a BIG surprise. We did ring shop a few months prior so I knew it was coming but not sure when. Chris proposed on the top floor of the Stratosphere, where you can see the whole Las Vegas strip, it was so beautiful. He actually told me that we were going to a great bar with an awesome view of the strip. So I didn't think anything of it. So once we were on the top floor we looked around the see the view. Then I turned around to see Chris on his knees with a beautiful note and the ring box on his hand. It was so romantic and beautiful!! He also hired a photographer to capture the whole thing and we had champagne to celebrate. I cried and cried through the whole proposal, it was definitely a memorable moment. I will cherish this moment till the rest of my life!” - Annabelle

“So for our first kiss, Chris was celebrating his 23rd birthday and we were at Devil's Martini in Scottsdale. Of course there was liquor involved, I asked him to dance with me. The connection at that time was mutual. He made the first move and we kissed. We danced the night away. It was magical!!” - Annabelle

“A year into of our relationship, Chris had got some sad news stating he had to move to California for work in a few months. I was devastated, so then I realized, I am in love with this person and I want this to work. So we definitely made it work, we were both traveling back and forth to see each other. It was truly love!” - Annabelle
“One of my favorite things about Annabelle is how loving, beautiful and fun she is. We like to work smart and play hard, what that means is absolutely not being bored. We love to attend music festivals, dress up and have a fun time with ourselves. I love to look at her and see her comforting smile and the terms she calls me that are so beautiful and perfect.” -Chris
“I believe I did say “I Love you”  first. It was actually kind of awkward. I remember being out at the Saddle Ranch and I was on the phone with her and at the end of the conversation I accidentally/out of habit said "bye, love you" she was like uuhhhh really? I was like yea Iguess, lol. I believe that was the first time that I said I love you and I did mean it of course but it grew into a loving passion for my soul mate.”- Chris
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