Scottsdale Engagement Session, Papago Park, Amy and Matt

These two people. 


They just work! Matt is laid back and goes with the flow, and Amy has type A-organized written all over her. They balance each other perfectly and have an ebb and flow about them that makes you say " yeah, those two just belong together." From the moment we hit the pink rocks out in Scottsdale they just clicked. Photos with these two were so fun!! We all laughed together as I asked them about their history together and I think my favorite quote of their story is after they had gotten engaged on a boat (story below), Amy kept telling random strangers they were engaged.  I can totally just see her face lit up so happy in love and telling the boat docking guy," "I don't know if you noticed but when I got on the boat I didn't have a ring on my finger, but now I do!" lol

I am so excited for their wedding in the fall! They are just perfect together and their big day will be even more special! Cannot wait you two! 

“Amy and I had talked about getting married long before the proposal, but we agreed that we wanted to date for at least a year before taking the huge step of engagement. If you know Amy, once that one year mark came around, she started to get antsy. We talked about going ring shopping, but it wasn't until we were on a stay-cation in Scottsdale, where she suggested we stop by a ring store and see what she might like. Little did she know I had already made several trips to that same store trying to pick the perfect ring. I knew we couldn't just walk in because the employees had seen me multiple times and they could potentially blow my cover. As my body language was saying "of course!" my mind was trying to figure out a way to make this work.
I called the ring store and asked them for a BIG favor...I told them that we were going to be there in 20 minutes and was hoping they could pull the ring listed under my name and out from the showcase. Apparently this wasn't the first time they had heard that request because they were all for it. Just like that *ring removed* We got there and began "shopping" for rings. The employees did a great job keeping my secret, and thankfully, Amy ended up narrowing down styles very similar to the one I had chosen. I knew it was going to be the perfect ring for her. 
Fast forward a few weeks to a Friday date night that I planned for Amy and I to go to dinner and a movie at the same theater where we saw our first movie together. As we were driving through Tempe, Amy reassured me how much she loves U of A by saying "I hate this place." I was thinking, this is a great start. As we were headed to the theater, I made an unexpected turn into Tempe Town Lake where I told Amy I had planned something a little different. I grabbed a bag from the back seat and we headed down to the lake where I had rented a boat. We headed out onto the lake and cruised around in the hot AZ sun. It was there on the boat, in the middle of the lake, with no one else around, where I anchored to play a slide show of us together to her favorite song "SundayMorning." As she watched the video, wearing the smile I love, I dropped onto one knee and asked her to marry me. She was in such shock it took her a second to spit out the words "OF COURSE" before I slipped that perfect ring on her perfect finger.
In true Amy fashion, as we were floating back to the dock she was grabbing attention from random strangers by shouting "We just got ENGAGED!!" And to the poor guy who docked our boat she said "I don't know if you noticed but when I got on the boat I didn't have a ring on my finger, but now I do!"
After I proposed, we still ended up going to the movie theater where I had her number one cheering section waiting-her family.” – Amy and Matt
“If you asked Amy this question you'd get the same answer but with a different story.  I said I love you first - but the first time it slipped out of my mouth by accident and way too soon! As I pulled out of her driveway one day, I rolled the window down and the words "I love ya" came pouring out on accident. We had only been seeing each other for maybe two weeks before it happened! The real one came about 2 months later.” -Matt
"I know it probably sounds corny and cliche, but our first kiss was truly magical!! We were just cuddling on the couch watching a movie. I could tell he wanted to kiss me but was nervous. I just tried to send him body language messages that said "it's ok, kiss me!!!" When he finally did kiss me it was all fireworks and butterflies. The feeling is indescribable and unlike anything I had felt before! I felt like it was the kiss I had been waiting my whole life for-magical!" - Amy
“ My favorite thing about Amy is seeing her infectious smile light up a room after a long day. When I'm around her there's not any dull moments and nothing is ordinary.” -Matt

“Amy and I met online.  We began communicating through the website for several days before taking conversations to our phones. Phone conversations lasted hours upon hours.  I think between the time when we first met online and the time we met in person was probably about two weeks. “ -Matt
"I usually joke and say I knew I was in love with him after the 3rd date. Our 3rd date was 3 days after we met, mind you. We couldn't get enough of each other after day 1 or 2 that our 3rd date couldn't wait. 
Really, I knew our relationship was something different after that 3rd date. I had the "you're in trouble" butterflies." - Amy

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