Foothills Country Club Wedding, Derek and Jenna By Shannon

She had just finished getting her wedding dress on, her sister lacing up the back while her bridesmaids assisted with earrings and garter. He stood patiently folding his hands, looking down, waiting for her. 

And as she made her way to Derek, Jenna's  couldn't  help but let out a few tears of happiness upon her soon to be groom spinning around and seeing her! We could just see the joy and overwhelming happiness leading up to that moments and as her groom took in her beauty, she covered her mouth and choked back those tear (cause hello her makeup was perfect) but the moment wasn't lost. That sweet first look between Jenna and Derek was absolutely perfect, just the way it should be, because hey you only get to see your fiance on the best day of your life for the first time, one time. 

The rest of the day was just as joyful and amazing. We loved the personal touches that made this wedding unique, like bosa donuts in the bridesmaids room and I'm happy to report they ate the whole dozen! And sweet vows they read to each other, followed by one of a kind sunset photos together as the sun sank dipped below the mountains and her veil got softly tossed in the wind. Must have felt like a dream .. but it wasn't their wedding day was just as pretty and amazing as they remember, and here are the photos to prove it was real. 

Shoes: DSW
Florals: Jenna's Mother
Rings: Shane Co.
Grooms Outfitting: Men's Wearhouse
Paper Goods: Basic Invite
Makeup & Hair: Ciera Denly
Entertainment: Gold Ring Entertainment
Photographers: Jenn Wagner Studio
"I choose pale pink for the ladies dresses and dark grey for the guys tux's. I wanted light, flowy romantic colors, and the pale pink looked beautiful with the grey. For florals, I really wanted to brighten up the pale pink with some bright pink and peach flowers. My florals were special because they were made by my mom, so that means a lot to me. For accents, we used burlap and lace to give it a rustic vibe. We're both pretty laid back, so the rustic feel was a perfect touch for us." -Jenna
"I absolutely loved doing the first look, it was exciting and so awesome to see how perfect and beautiful she looked and then have a little private moment with her. It was also really nice to do that before the ceremony, so I didn't lose it as she was walking down the aisle! " -Derek

"My favorite time of the day was our first look. It was so fun to hide from him from behind the pillar and watch as he came outside looking handsome in his tux! There was so much anticipation walking up to him and tapping him on the shoulder. When he turned around, there was my handsome hubby! I couldn't help but cry happy tears. I loved having a moment to enjoy each other for the first time together before all eyes are on us." -Jenna
"Two moments were extra special to me. The first was obviously seeing my amazing and perfect bride walk down the aisle. It was surreal and awesome for me. The second was seeing how much it meant to her when she was reading her personal promises. She had to try so hard to keep control of her emotions and it was such an intimate and significant moment. "-Derek

"The entire afternoon, I was pretty warm. Getting ready, running around, taking photos in a heavy wedding dress. Well, as I was walking down the aisle with my dad, I felt my garter slipping down my thigh. The second I stepped onto the grass, it felt to my ankle. I kept smiling but was hoping it didn't come off or make me trip LOL

Also, during our ceremony, a delivery truck pulled up in the parking directly in front of the alter behind the bushes. I was intently listening to our officiant and really in the moment that I couldn't do anything else but laugh. Luckily, it left after a minute or two." -Jenna
"Everything! She was perfect. She looked amazing and her smile and happiness and just everything about her was beautiful. I was so excited to just hold her and be with her on our big day. I can't believe this amazing woman is my wife!" -Derek
"We wanted to add a personal touch for our guests, so we had bags of popcorn for favors. We both love popcorn, so we thought we could thank our guests with a snack we both love. One of our first dates was playing big Jenga at the bar, so for our guest book we decided to have people sign Jenga blocks to make it more personalized. It makes for great memories because we will play that Jenga game for years to come and always remember who was at our wedding! " -Jenna

"My favorite thing about being married to Derek is being married to my best friend. He loves me like crazy, and it shows. We would do anything for each other. It's knowing I always have support from him and I will always have a loving husband by my side to explore life with and learn new things. I love being his wife and knowing we have such a fun-filled life ahead of us. I can't wait to continue our life together. The best is yet to come :)" -Jenna

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