Mac & Kate | Paradise Valley Engagement Session

We were in Coffee Bean together long after we had finished talking about albums and hours of coverage. I sat across from Kate and Mac and we got past all the business stuff and just talked, like old friends catching up. We talked about vacations and work and our favorite drinks! haha I don't know how to describe it other than this couple just kind of draws you in and makes you feel like you've known them for years! Its incredible. If after jsut a few hours at a coffee shop with them I felt so connected, I can only imagine how excited all their friends and families must be to celebrate them when they have known them for years! To see these two people getting married will be such an amazing day and I can already tell their wedding is going to be an evening to remember, surrounded by people that love them so much. Cannot wait to capture all the memories, hugs and of course laughs!
Kate and Mac! I cannot wait for your Sassi wedding in February! You guys are truly so special and just FUN to be around! I know your wedding will reflect you both perfectly and the style by Andrea Leslie will be amazing! I'm so excited for you guys! See you soon! - Jenn
"I knew after our first date that she was the woman I wanted to marry.  When I decided to propose to Kate, I knew that like me, she doesn't mind knowing what her presents are before she gets them.  With something as important as a ring, I knew she needed to be involved in picking it out. Therefore, Kate and I spent almost two months and dozens of store visits before we found her perfect ring." - Mac

"Mac's proposal was so sweet and heartfelt.  He asked me to meet him on the balcony of our room at the bed and breakfast once I was done getting ready.  As soon as I stepped out of the door, I saw tea lights all over the balcony and Mac standing there waiting for me.  I instantly knew something was about to happen and secretly hoping it was a proposal!  As he began talking, I stood there in awe feeling so lucky to have this amazing man in my life.  As he proposed I had happy tears streaming down my face... needless to say, I had to redo my make up after!  Right after Mac proposed, we spent a few minutes talking and enjoying our first few moments as an engaged couple.  It was perfect!  I called my mom right away to share the good news.  Mac was so thoughtful and had already planned a lunch with my mom the following day on our way back to Phoenix.  We also shared the news with my dad, my brother, my sister, his parents, and his grandparents that night.  Mac and I then went to dinner and I had a pretty difficult time not looking at the beautiful ring on my hand while eating.  I am pretty sure our waiter thought we were crazy because we both could not stop smiling and giggling!" - Kate
"What I love most about Kate is her adventurous spirit.  She is always up to try new things be it a new restaurant in town or travel to a new city.  We always have fun together and no matter what, we end up laughing." - Mac
"As for the proposal, Kate knew what the ring looked like, but she had no idea when or where the proposal was going to be. In fact, she didn't even know I picked the ring up from the store until I proposed.  I waited three months until I made my move.  We had already planned a trip back up to Jerome, AZ.  I say back up because Jerome is where we went on our first mini-vacation as a couple.  On that trip we stayed in an amazing bed and breakfast that overlooked the Verde Valley.  It had truly stunning views.  When we planned our second trip I knew that it was the perfect spot.  I even had to push back the trip so we could stay in the exact same room as our previous visit.  We spent the day in Jerome tasting wine.... lots of wine!  All the while Kate had no idea what I had planned.  Dinner that night was at 6:30pm or so I thought.  Turns out the restaurant lost my reservation.  Thankfully after a few moments of pure panic, they were able to fit us in a little later.  As we were getting ready for dinner Kate, again having no idea what was going on, was taking her sweet time all the while I had secretly placed tea lights around the balcony and was anxiously waiting for her to join me.  Finally, the moment of truth comes and she meets me on the balcony.  I took her hands and I talked for what seemed like a second, but in reality was like five minutes (I have the video to prove it) before I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.  She said yes!!  And the rest.. well you have to keep an eye on the photos Jenn posts to see how the proposal turned into our happily ever after!" - Mac
"Life with Mac is never boring!  We are constantly laughing together!  Mac will do just about anything to make me laugh.Whether it is his random dance moves or making up song lyrics with my name, I am always entertained!  Mac always asks, "What would you do without me?  You would be so bored!"  This is so true!  Life with Mac is adventurous, fun, and full of laughter." - Kate
"What I am looking forward to most about marrying Kate is the simple fact that I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend.  I know that is very cliche to say; however, looking back over the past two years we click together on not only big picture items like what we value in life, how many kids we want, and our future, but we are constantly on the same page about what to have for dinner, whether its cook at home or get take out, what to do on the weekends, or how to decorate our home.  Simply put, to me she is perfect and more than what I ever hoped to find in a partner." -Mac

"I remember the exact moment when I knew I was absolutely in love with this man!  I asked Mac to come to my brother's wedding with me at the last minute because we had only been dating for about a month at that point.  Mac was unable to come to the wedding because he couldn't get off work since I asked so last minute (Oops!).  When I returned the following week, Mac mentioned he felt bad that he couldn't be at the wedding to dance with me.  The next time we got together, he cooked dinner for me at his apartment.  Mac took me into his office and asked me to wait in there until he came back.  I waited for what felt like forever until he opened the door and asked me to come with him.  Mac had turned off the lights and had 20-30 tea lights scattered all around the living room.  He started our favorite song "I Don't Dance" by Lee Brice and we danced together.  In that moment I knew that I was absolutely in love with him!" - Kate   

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