Troon North, Scottsdale Arizona, Dan and Lissa Engagement Session

When Lissa first contacted me from Texas about their Troon North wedding, we clicked within minutes of first talking on the phone.  She is so bubbly and personable and both her and Dan are so laid back. I love go-with-the-flow and just have fun people!! We talked about her plans for her wedding, and since they have family and friends all over the country,  and even some family in Australia, they decided they wanted to give everyone a vacation and are planning a destination wedding to Scottsdale. I love this idea! 
We met at Troon North Golf Club for their engagement session which is where they will be tying the knot later this fall. A glass of wine and a few golf carts later and we were zipping around the course capturing these two with the perfect amount of desert meets green rolling hills. I don't know if I have ever laughed so much at a session as these two just kept the jokes coming! I truly enjoyed my time watching Dan and Lissa interact, hold hands and of course laugh!  Makes me so excited to watch their chemistry and capture one of the most important days of their lives! 
So thankful to be your photographer and can't wait for your big day!
See you guys so soon!!

"I first knew I was in love with him on a date with some friends. We went to see a Tom Petty cover band and the night was coming to an end. I asked him if he had ever had Whataburger and he said no. This blew my mind, so I made a hard sell that we needed a honey butter chicken biscuit. He was on board, so through the drive thru we went. We then went to a secret little place in Uptown that has life-sized chess and an amazing view of Downtown. We sat and ate our Whataburger under the stars and I realized his spontaneity, how much of a gentlemen he was, and I was actually keeping his attention--I was in love! :)"- Lissa
"One of my favorite things about Lissa is her laugh. She loves puns. Most of them are not funny, but occasionally she will have a funny one. She laughs at all of her puns (even the terrible ones), so I get to hear that laugh a lot." - Dan
"Our first kiss was on our second date. We were about to part ways at my apartment after a great evening with friends an he leaned in and kissed me!"- Lissa
"We had been dating about 6 months when I declared we should move in together. Lissa wasn't sold on it. I took a day off of work and looked at apartments for us to move into. When I was telling her about them, she said we shouldn't move in together just to save money. So I told her we should move in together because she loved me. I was trying to get her to say it first, but she wouldn't budge. She pried a little more on my statement and I ended up saying I love you first!" - Dan
Can't wait to laugh with both of you on your big wedding day! Its going to be a beautiful Troon North day! See you guys in September!

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