Corey + Megan | Downton Phoenix Wedding | Phoenix Arizona

When I first talked with Megan and Corey last year and they told me that they met each other in Vegas, survived a three year long distance relationship and that she literally asked him moments before he proposed "Are you proposing or what?" while they overlook the Vegas strip skyline, I could help but fall in love with this couple immediately! Everything about this couple said they were not only fun, but committed. All of my predictions came true; they smiled their entire wedding day and watching these two interact with each other I know they have a long happy future ahead of them. They not only had the most fun bridal party that partied around downtown Phoenix to Ride that Pony, but every detail was personalized to them. 

Corey and Megan, thank you so much for letting us be there to capture your most amazing day! I cannot tell you how happy we are you found each other and are committed to life together from here on out. We wish you all the best!

- Jenn and the Studio girls
 A HUGE shoutout to all of the amazing vendors that made this day so special!

Menswear: The Black Tux
Reception Venue: Warehouse 215
Photographer: Jenn Wagner Studio

"Getting ready for the wedding with all of my girls was so much fun. Having spontaneous dance parties at the church and in the limo was great - those girls really knew how to keep the fun going! There was never a moment of nervousness all day!" - Megan
"I had been so worried about that long walk down the aisle, but when the time came, I was just so excited! I saw so many of my favorite faces smiling back at me, I almost forgot to look at Corey! And when I did, he looked so cute (and a little nervous)! After that, I couldn't look away from his smiling face." -Megan

Riding around in the limo with our entire wedding party was the absolute best. That was the moment where it all felt so real - here we were, dancing and goofing around with our closest friends. Everyone was in such a good mood and we were so grateful to have these people surrounding us in our first few minutes of married life."- Megan 

" If I could go back and relive one hour of the day it would be cocktail hour. It was our first chance to really see all of our friends and family as they all joined together at the reception. Everyone was in high spirits, music was playing, people kept coming over and congratulating us. There was just this wave of happiness and gratitude from everyone I talked to. And somehow, even amongst all the conversation and well wishes, there were brief moments when I was able to pause, smile at Megan, and enjoy that fact that she was now my wife." - Corey
"I think my favorite time of the day was right before we walked into cocktail hour. We had this moment right before we went in, where we just looked at each other, smiled & grabbed each other's hands...and then we walked through the door to cocktail hour where we were immediately greeted by all of our family and friends! It was incredible to pass from this quiet spot into this loud and fun-filled atmosphere. I can't really describe the feeling, but it was like a wave of happiness and love just came over us. Everyone looked like they were having so much fun, which is all we ever wanted for our wedding. We were both so grateful for everyone who came to the wedding, and being able to see everyone in that moment was the best. The absolute best. " Megan

"The reception. That was incredible. We went through the back door and got a sneak peak at how beautiful the set up was and we were blown away. Every little detail we had worked so hard to put together was there, and it was amazing! For those 5 minutes, we had this incredible moment, just the two of us soaking it all in. And our amazing wedding planner had our delicious apps ready for us to eat, which we annihilated (guess we were hungry)!" - Megan
"I re-live our first dance a lot. We love that song (Jackie and Wilson by Hozier), but we had never really rehearsed what we we going to do for the dance. The result was a little off beat, but also fun. The two of us were laughing so much. It totally fit our goofy relationship. At one point, I decided to lift Megan up and spin her around. Thank God I didn't drop her! It was a very special point in the evening. Plus, it set the vibe for the rest of our night which exploded into an amazing dance-party!" -Corey

"The entire reception was amazing - dancing, speeches, photo booth...everything! I can't think of any other time in my life I've had so much fun!!" -Megan
"Our friend/Corey's best man Justin, got trapped in a song circle at the end of the night. Just as he was leaving, "Don't Stop Believing" came on (which is a song he can't stand - it's a great song, not sure what's wrong with him). Corey pulled him back to the dance floor where, I don't know, probably 50 of us circled around him to sing the song right at him! Poor guy was trapped in the middle of this huge group of people! He finally broke down and started dancing and singing along! It was hilarious!" - Megan
"The memory that pops out the most vibrantly from our wedding was all of the dancing. Our first dance was so much fun - totally unrehearsed (although apparently Corey practiced with our Swiffer at home lol). And he knew that I would be nervous being the center of attention, so I think he tried to be goofy to keep it fun for me, well, for both of us. Corey is one of the goofiest guys I know, so I knew he would try to pull some kind of weird move (picking me up and spinning around, doing some fancy shoulder moves lol), but I loved it...every second of our first dance was so much fun! "- Megan
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