Justin & Valerie | Engagement Session | Scottsdale Arizona

We laughed through the entire session together; and even though it felt like we had just arrived, time flew so fast as they walked hand in hand, giving each other spontaneous kissing and laughing as we strolled. It was over so quickly, too quickly and it only made me so much more excited for their wedding later this year. Justing and Val, I told you the first time how special you guys are and I truly mean it. Your connection and bond to each other makes it seems like you're almost married. Is that weird? It sounds crazy but its true. So happy for you guys and can't wait to click my camera on your big day! 
All my best,

"Even though I did all I could to not kiss him on the first date, it happened within 30 minutes of the date starting.  I honestly do not even know who initiated it. I am pretty sure it was me... After the hug we shared after not seeing each other in years, I pretty much tossed that idea out the window.  I was so incredibly nervous.  We talked for a while, catching up, and the next thing I knew, my lips were on his.  The kiss was amazing.  His lips are perfect." _ Valerie

"So the first time I said those words... I was actually in between two college courses, calling her just to chat :) There was a big build up, and the second before I said it the first time, my phone died, and Val didn't get to hear me say it to her for another 10 minutes!! It was the most inconvenient thing at the most inconvenient time. Obviously, everything worked out :). " - Justin
"I first knew I was in love with him when  we had not seen each other in over two years and had only recently really started talking more seriously about possibly dating (we had been friends for almost three years at this point).  We decided it was time to see each other in person to see how we felt. We chose El Paso, a great driving half way point, plus my brother was stationed there at the time. I told him I would be in El Paso on this date, and if he made his way out there, great! Having a little girl to look out for, I did not want to get my hopes up too high. I knew he was into me, but I was not entirely convinced he was ready to join an instant family.  The last time he had seen me, he was in the Air Force and I was a cute little bartender that bought him $1 cans of PBRs for positive survey reviews.  I was terrified he would not be that into the mommy version of myself. He surprised me by showing up earlier than expected.  I remember that my hotel was a suite and the entrance was glass French doors with transparent white curtains covering the glass. When I heard his knock and looked up, I could just see his silhouette.  He was leaning against the railing waiting for me to answer the door.  When I opened it, we had a slightly awkward moment and I invited him in and then we hugged.  I swear, and I know it is so cliché, the world stopped turning and all I could hear was my heart beat pounding. He smelled amazing, he looked oh so sexy with his long hair pulled back, and so down to earth in his dirty cowboy boots.  He had the sweetest smile on his gorgeous lips and his sea blue eyes were incredibly honest and intense. I knew in that moment. I had never wanted to kiss someone so badly in my life and we literally only hugged for seconds, not minutes as it seemed. I have never felt so completely safe and adored in my life. I fell hard in that moment but did not tell him until he told me weeks later" - Valerie
"It's very difficult to pick one favorite thing about Val...but if I were to choose one thing, it would be her level of empathy. Val connects with everyone, and she strives to make a difference; not for personal gains, but because she feels what everyone else is going through. Val is a feeler. " - Justin
"The ring.  Funny story.  He will probably kill me for telling the truth.  I refused to help him pick it out.  I had picked out rings in two previous relationships and nothing ever came from it... so I now considered it bad luck.  I told him I did not care what he got me, it could be a plain sterling silver ring, just as long as he picked it out.  I did not want anyone influencing him.  One day, however, he randomly called and asked me to please answer one question.  He said, "What do you think of square cut diamonds?"  I agreed to answer this one because I actually had a strong opinion about them.  I said simply that I did not like solitaire square cut diamonds. He agreed, and that made me happy.  You can imagine my surprise at the proposal when a square cut diamond flashed in my face.  I ended up asking him a few days later why he bought me this style when I had originally told him I did not like it.  He said, "I just saw it and knew it was your ring."  I adore my ring. It is absolutely stunning.  However, I love it more so that he bought it based on how it made him feel.  He bought it because out of all the rings he had to choose from, he felt when he saw that ring, the one ring I said I was least likely to like, that it was the one for me.  That is my favorite thing about it.  The story behind it." - Valerie
"I am really, really looking forward to the overall experience of being married. Val and I actively help each other grow. I am better because of her, and she is better because of me. It's really awesome in that I'm not just getting a wife...I'm going to have a life long partner :)." - Justin
Cannot wait for your big day in December!

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