Desert Botanical Gardens Wedding Photos | Brandon and Leanne -Shannon

Brandon and Leanne

The Wedding

The weather was amazing; cool with a slight breeze as the sun set and the reception began. The navy details coordinated perfectly and gave just the right pop of color.  The vibrant desert plants were all in bloom and made a spectacular backdrop for Brandon and Leanne's spring Arizona wedding. I remember when Brandon and Leanne first told us they were engaged, they threw out the idea of possibly getting married on Pi day... which this year happened to have the additional 4th and 5th first numbers of the Pi sequence... 3.14.15 . How cool is that! These two added in just the right amount of "Pi" details.. like personal pies for dessert instead of cake!  It made their wedding so personal and fun!
The day could not have gone better and we were so thankful to be there to capture it! Brandon and leanne we are so excited for you guys as you embark on this journey of marriage together! Shannon and Ryan had nothing but great things to say about your day! Your wedding was beautiful and we can't wait to watch you and you continue to grow closer together. 

With love, 

Shannon and the Studio Girls!

The Vendors

Wouldn't have come together so great without these amazing vendors!
Cake Vendor: Baked Hand Pies
Dress: Mori Lee from Brillant Bridal
Groom Suit: Kenneth Cole
Linens and Chairs: Creations in Cuisine
Engagement Ring: Blue Nile
Makeup and Hair Style : Perry Monge Salon

It was funny to me how I spent a lot of time worrying if I would be able to tie my bow tie. During my practice it took me 30 minutes to get that thing on. Funny thing was it took less than 5 minutes that day! It sort of just went on magically.  However, Leanne did have to adjust it once during the ceremony.” – Brandon

 “My favorite moment of Leane on our wedding day was when I saw her for the first time in what felt like an eternity. That was the best moment by far. But also reading her card she wrote to me. We exchanged cards instead of gifts that morning. I was sitting on a bench near Elliot Patio and I had no idea what to expect. What I read simply blew my mind. She touched on so many things in that card that really hit deep in my heart and I love her for that.”  - Brandon

“The best moment of the whole entire wedding for me was watching Leanne turn the corner and make her way towards me. She was absolutely stunning!! I was overwhelmed with emotion. I think the picture captured it best. Her dress was gorgeous, and she walked towards me with such elegance and beauty! She was the star of the wedding, as she should be. I loved that moment and I will never forget it.” - Brandon
"I don't remember much about my first steps out from around the corner. I think there was too much to take in, I was nervous about navigating the stairs, and I couldn't see Brandon. Then, all of the sudden, I saw him! At that moment I couldn't stop smiling. I was so overjoyed to be walking down the aisle toward the man of my dreams. I had laser beam focus on Brandon! All the details, the decorations, the music, the guests... all fell away to the background. My walk down the aisle to meet my husband was the most deliberate, focused, and joyful walk of my life." - Leanne

"My most vibrant memory of our wedding day is just the overall feeling of joy. There were so many times when Brandon and I just took a step back and said "wow, this is our wedding?!" The best word to describe it is magical. I never could've imagined feeling the way I felt on that day. One of the most special moments when this feeling of pure joy was the strongest was right after Pastor Nolan pronounced us husband and wife. We walked back down the aisle together and we were giddy! We stopped a couple times to get in a few more first kisses. We were soon met by our immediate families and bridal party. It seemed as though everyone was buzzing with emotion that could not be contained. I will never forget that quick moment with our families who were so happy for us." - Leanne

“Another favorite moment was walking through the garden after the wedding. We were just giddy with Joy. It was dark. The smells of the garden were in the air. We turned to see the lights of the party behind us. We had pulled off the very best night of our lives!!” Brandon
Brandon and Leanne thank you so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! We are so happy for you guys and the day could not have been more perfect! 

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