Favorite bridal moments from this year so far!

Looking back in 2014 so far,  I have had TEN amazing brides and they have had uniquely them days!! I can so clearly remember back to each and every one of their weddings and there are always those moments from each one that stands out to me so clearly. Here are my top ten favorite bridal photos and my memory of each one. 



 This moment at Cindy's wedding stands out to me from her day. Something happened in this photo where she was relaxed and joyful. I connected with her in this moment and I think it capture her essence as a bride that day. Serene and perfectly content. It must be all the yoga she does!

This colorful photo of Kirsten was the very final image I took of the entire day. We had just finished up with some last photos of her and Jay and remembered I had brought along some confetti. It took a few tires to figure out how to blow the confetti, but this time, she nailed it. It just makes me happy!

I originally almost culled this photo out of Loree because of the hair in her face. But suddenly in the same instant, it just clicked with me, the blowing hair and imperfection made this image come alive. I think the wind created a real and gorgeous image of Loree and it is now one of my all time favorites. 

Madison had just finished her hair and makeup and stepped into her pristine dress. The excitement of the day ahead is so clear to see on her face. She is just glowing and I love this image of her. 

The brand spanking new Mrs. White. This photo was taken just a few feet outside of Brophy Chapel where her and her hubby had just said their I do's.  Just out of frame behind me is Peter, and that smile on her face? Thats for him. 

I don't even know if Sarah meant to, but as she was walking down the stairs holding her fresh bouquet, she turned around and smiled at me. She was about to head out to get her bridal photos taken and I just love how happy she looks!

Alli had just walked with her soon to be hubby along Lake Michigan at the Adler Planetarium and I had her pause as she naturally looked away and the wind caught a few wisps of her hair. I love how relaxed and content this gorgeous bride is. 

Though not a 'typical' bridal shot, I love this one of Sarah. Down the stairs she came ready for her first look with Eric. I could see she was nervous but brimming with excitement to see her soon to be hubby that waited just outside the lodge doors. This was also the moment I realized her dress had pockets! Whaaa!? So cool.

They said their I do's and right before we headed to the reception, Krystle said she wanted a photo using these ornate doors. I wasn't sure what she had in mind, but then once she pushed the doors open and her train followed I snapped this photos,  and I love how intense it turned out!  

Del Mar means more to her than just a vacation spot, these are the beaches Sarah came to every summer with her family. Now this sand holds the memory of the first place she and her groom strolled hand in hand together. You can tell by her face that she feels at home here. 

Each bride, each wedding is so unique. Telling their stories through photos is an honor. I am looking so forward to seeing what my favorite moments from the next 8 brides this fall will be!!


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