Opportunity meets planning: Forest Highlands Flagstaff!

As a wedding photographer, I get to travel all over to capture beautiful wedding days. I absolutely love what i do and one of my favorite things when I'm at a new location, is to spend some time scoping out unique spots for the bride and groom time. 

Usually the wedding venue itself is great, but sometimes there are hidden gems just waiting to be found. 
This was definitely the case with Brad and Vanessa. They got married in Flagstaff at the beautiful Forest Highlands. When I got there the evening before their wedding, I made it a point to drive around the massive golf course to see the location since it would be my first time getting to shoot there. When I asked the concierge for tips on beautiful spots to take photos, he said there was a bridge down the road but it took a drive to get to it.. I took the long winding drive and upon scoping it out I * KNEW* this was the place I wanted to take Vanessa and Brad for their bride and groom portraits!!

Luckily I have the most amazing and trusting clients and they were on board!
 So during out B&G time we made the drive and they were wowed when we turned the corner to this beautiful landscape! 
It was absolutely the perfect backdrop for their wedding photos. It took a little effort to get there, but boy was it so colorful!
(Thanks Andi Kuenn for the behind the scenes photos!)

I love when taking the extra effort really pays off for my clients! Seeing Vanessa and Brad spend their first moments as husband and wife here in this beautiful place, was a great memory in and of itself! Thanks for trusting me and letting my vision come to life!! : ) 

Want Jenn to capture moments just like this on your wedding day? See if your date is open! 

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