Newborn Photography: My Recommendation- Cortney Talbott Photography!

I love photographing weddings, and families are amazing, but newborn photos are a whole different story. So who does the photographer choose when its their turn to have their own baby photos taken? 

The choice was easy; Cortney!!! 

Working out of the cutest studio in Scottsdale, Cortney has everything you need to have the most amazing experience with you newest addition. From baskets, to bows and lots of backdrops, she makes sure you have plenty of options to capture your new babe in the perfect set up. Not only that but she has the space and supplies to make the experience seamless, a private place to nurse your baby, extra wipes and dipes, and of course a personal heater for your lil one to keep them happy and snug. She is so amazing with the little ones and makes you feel so comfortable and at home in her studio. 

I was so happy to have Cortney do our newborn photos. Here are some from a session I did of her a while back in her studio, and then a few from our session with her as well! 

If you have a new addition coming to your family soon, I HIGHLY recommend Cortney Talbott Photography for every baby! She has this highly delicate photo session down to a science! 

Our little Kaiya Mckenzie!

Kaiya loves Miss Cortney!! : ) 

Thank you so much for an incredible experience and photos we will cherish forever! We love them and we love you!

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